Traumeel first read about it here in Nov. '05

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sues1, May 30, 2006.

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    In Nov. of 2005 there was a exciting post on the good results from Traumeel. My health food store only had the drops, same company. Store said they were selling it as fast as it came in at that time.I used them for a while but it did nothing for me. I was disappointed.

    Has anyone tried the drops? What was the results? Could there be a difference between the drops and the capsules?

    Of course not all works for everyone. I am just checking to see if the good results continued and all.

    Thanks for reading this and for any assistance on same.......Blessings.........Susan
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    I use both Traumeel cream or Arnica gel, both work great, and so quick. Too bad its fairly short lived. But its great when the pain is so bad and you are biting on nails waiting for painkillers to kick in. It often nips an episode in the bud, and some cream and rest is all I need and I can skip the narcotics.

    I've tried drops and pills of several remedies, arnica, another heel rheumatism pain remedy, cats claw. All had bad side effects and/or didn't work. Topical is my way to go. don't rule them out if you haven't tried topical yet.

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  4. BethM

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    I did get some short lived relief from localized pains from the Traumeel gel or creme. I preferred the gel, seemed to be easier to use for me. It is expensive, though, and I've gotten similar results from Triflora gel from Boericke and Taafel. They make homeopathic products. I also use their Arnica gel for muscle pain and strains, sprains, bruises, that sort of problem.

    I used the Traumeel tablets but didn't really see much change from them.

    hope this helps a little!


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