TRAUMEEL S makes me feel horrible!! Anyone else?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by phoebe1, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. phoebe1

    phoebe1 New Member

    I started taking it about a week ago after all the good things I read on the board.
    I didn't experience the instant relief or loosening of muscles some talked about.
    Instead, my muscles went into painful knots and I got the most terrible headaches, yesterday I stopped it, the headaches are almost gone and my muscles feel more relaxed.

    What is wrong with me? I feel like an alien from outer space that this is working so wonderfully for everyone and I have the exact opposite reaction. I was so excited and now I feel really down in the dumps.
    I'm going to give the bottle to my mother who has OA.
    I'm glad for everyone who has found relief from this and may you continue to feel better!

  2. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    There is nothing wrong w/ you Phoebe, homeopathics are usually specially formulated to match a person's specific symptom, and , even their personality. That's what you need to beware of when buying them off the shelf, not every formula will help every person.

    Some in that thread didn't get relief either and one lady got terrible headaches, another even reported bad depression which lifted when she stopped it.

    You may want to try enzymes for inflammation pain relief. They aren't specific to a person, but they are specific to inflammation pain. So for me, they help w/ period cramps and bloating, muscle infl., and IBS bloat. They've replaced anti-inflammatories for me, and reduced candida a bit by cleaning out lymph to get to the inflammation site.

  3. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    I went to a homeopathic doctor in UK two years ago and she gave me tablets (cant remember name) - anyway the gave me the most awful constipation and terrible pain - I've never had anything like it.

    Stopped the tablets and that stopped too. I'm not against homeopathy but it can act quickly and not always for the good. Obviously for some people this would have been a blessing but not for me.

  4. katbird7

    katbird7 New Member

    and I have felt worse also. I thought maybe it was just the weather change here, but my all over body pain, aching, flu feeling has been horrible. I have been ashamed to say anything on the board because so many were having wonderful luck. I didn't want to sound negative, or I thought it might take a while to kick in.

    I just recently quick Lyrica. I too feel like there is something wrong with me. I haven't found any conventional meds to help or homeopathic. I would like more info on the enzymes. I have heard something about them before, but not sure what kind to try. I will try anything within reason, and that I can afford while being off work.

    Thanks Phoebe for helping me to not feel alone. Blessings and love, Kat7
  5. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    When I started this I was so upbeat and positive...Now I am sad :(
    I also thought it was the weather dragging me down but I am thinking it may be the Traumeel...
    The only difference I notice was my SI joint was more "fluid". Pain and stiffness still there, abdominal swelling actually worse, I look like I swallowed a tire! tehe
    I had my cycle during the past week so again contributed it to that...
    Well I took 3 yesterday (spaced out of course) and lied around (couldn't do much else)
    I am waiting for the energy like others have experienced!
    I will try another few days and if these headaches don't quit and the inflammation doesn't subside even a little, I will again have tried something that works for so many and not for me...Phooey!
    I will not tell my hubby about the effects, I am tired of hearing him say, "I wish you wouldn't try all this crap".
    I have to say in his defense, he has researched along with me and even ordered these things for me or even just run me up to the health food store to talk to someone...He is trying along with me...I am thankful I have a "buddy" with me thru this mess..
    He was hoping I found something "natural" for the inflammation, NSAIDS do a number on my ulcerative colitis.
    I am so happy for the people who have used Traumeel and had relief...I just wish I was one of them...

    Peaceful Day to ALL!
  6. caroleye

    caroleye New Member

    I've come to realize that "whatever" new I take, I only take a "pediatric" dose in the event I have a negative side affect.

    Just bought Traumeel, and going.......O.K., let's divide this one into l/4's and when you know there's a nice space of time where you can crash if you need to, then I'll take it. I'll also make sure I've eaten.

    Cannot begin to count the # of supplements/drugs I've tried & had to throw away (or give away). Our chemistries are all so very different.

  7. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    I just ordered this and now I'm wondering if I've done the right thing. I so sensitive to most things (mainly, prescription meds), so I'm glad I didn't pay a bunch of $$ for it.

    I may 1/2 or 1/4 the pills at first. Maybe it's a matter of too much too soon.

    I'm also curious about the enzymes...please post more info on this.
  8. phoebe1

    phoebe1 New Member

    I guess this is just how it goes with this disease, and by this time I should know that what works for some, doesn't work for others, I just got too excited about the treatment, reading all the good results.
    I feel better after reading all your replies and knowing that I'm not alone.
    Starcat, I have blood type B so I'm not sure about the interaction with St. Johns Wort.

  9. ouchiered

    ouchiered New Member

    Phoebe1 Sorry to hear it's not working for you. May I be so bold as to suggest a sugar free diet. Traumeel is working for me & my husband who has 24/7 back pain. I realize it's an individual thing but it's worth a try. I do have Cheerios once in awhile & flavored coffee creamer but stay totally away from candy, cookies & all sweets. I mean for months! Even CHOCOLATE! And when I have been bad I will go into a flare within a day & 1/2 of eating sweets. Just a suggestion.

    Good luck
  10. LollieBoo

    LollieBoo New Member

    We are all different, but all the same, in that medicines tend to affect us more so than others and we are prone to idiosyncratic (the opposite of what's expected) reactions. That's a large part of the burden faced when treating this DD- please don't take that on to yourself. You owe no personal liability in that. Phoebe, what is important is that you are trying new things and seeking out a treatment that works for you. Don't give up and don't feel bad that your path is as individual as you are!

    Homeopathy is very specific and works on a deeper level than 'symptom' medicines. There are two theories I have on why each of you are experiencing negative symptoms upon taking Traumeel. The first is the obvious: it is not an appropriate remedy for you. If this is the case, those of you who are used to allopathic medicines, who are aiming to cut one pill into 1/2 or 1/4, may find that you will have a stronger reaction than if you'd taken a 'larger' dose. With homeopathy, it is like working on the right side of the decimal point. The larger the number (so the smaller the actual amount), the "stronger" or more potent the remedy is. The reason this is, is that the more dilute a remedy is, the deeper of a level it works on. That brings me to my second idea: I have heard it called 'herxing' here on the board, but I have always referred to it as a 'healing crisis'.

    Using the assumption that there are three planes of healing, in ascending order of importance: the physical, emotional and spiritual; will make it easier to explain. If a homeopathic remedy works on the emotional level, it is going to clear up physical symptoms. Now, understanding that as our physical health follows our emotional well-being and spiritual well-being as it moves away from homeostasis, we experience physical symptoms and an overall imbalance. As we move closer back to homeostasis, we again sometimes experience 'past echoes' of symptoms that led us away from good health. The difference is that now, they signal the return to good health. I like to analogize it as an archaeological dig site. You have the top layer of dirt (homeostasis), you dig down, unveiling layers and layers of history (this would be the descent of lifestyle habits <stress!>, eating habits, environmental toxins, etc. and the resulting symptoms experienced as we move toward poor health in one facet or another), then you hit the bottom of the 'dig'. This is where you are at in the disease state (maybe you have already begun 'climbing back up', but for simplicity's sake...!). In order to get back up to the topsoil (health; homeostasis), you have to travel back up past the layers and layers of symptoms, and sometimes, you must actually re-experience them as certain things leave your body. That can be anything from thought patterns to latent viruses. If that is what's causing your symptoms, then it is important you keep on the homeopathic course- sort of 'walk through the fire' to get through the other side, rather than retreat, and remain on the side of ill health.

    There are a few ways you can determine which is causing the ill 'side-effects' you are experiencing (if you are). The first is to consider if the headache or other reaction is similar to other symptoms you have experienced (probably recently, as those will come out first). It is unlikely that if they are, that they were caused by a homeopathic remedy then, so you can assume that the pathogen or sensitivity that caused the symptom initially is leaving your body. The other way is more advantageous for many reasons; especially considering that you never have to open the bottle in the first place (so it is still returnable!).

    If you have someone do a simple muscle test (do a search for "Applied Kinesiology" on this site if you are not familiar with it), it will indicate if the remedy (or any substance) will bring you closer to homeostasis or good health. If you 'test' positive on Traumeel, for instance, then have icky headache, flu-y aches and upset tummy, rest assured, it will pass shortly. Usually depending on how long the original symptom was bothersome. Anywhere from a couple of hours, to a couple of days. If you were down with something for several months, it may take a couple days for your body to rid itself of it. It is not advisable to suppress the symptoms in a way that will keep the pathogen in; but echinacea teas, astragalus and other things that will increase your vitality and immune system strength will help your body to speed up the process. Quiet meditation and self-reflection are also wise steps to take if you think you may be encountering a healing crisis.

    That said, the potencies of the remedies in Traumeel, when taken as advised, are not the usual strengths that would elicit healing crises. But everyone is different!

    Now as for the advisory on not returning pills back to the bottle after they have been touched, it is because the natural oils and substances on our hands will begin to break down the lactose that serves as the base for the remedies. So if you are continuously dumping three into your hand, then putting one back- by the time you get to the bottom of the bottle, it will be all powdery because of the broken-down pills. The better option is to dispose of the unused pill, rather than return it to the bottle.

    If you want to make sure there is food in your tummy, that is fine. Since homeopathics are absorbed sublingually, they bypass the digestive system altogether anyway, and enter the bloodstream directly. Please remember, that because they absorb in your mouth, you should eat or drink NOTHING 15 min. before or 15 min. after taking a remedy. If you eat a meal, it is advisable to rinse your mouth with plain water (no mint!), then to wait at least 15 min.

    Again, I cannot stress enough the value of kinesiology to FMS/ CFIDS sufferers. We are so sensitive to things that sneak under everyone else's radar! If a substance's influence on your body can be assessed without one having to actually suffer the effects, it may save a great deal of time, $$ and ill effects.

    Enzymes are great for the swelling that comes from chronic joint problems, allergies, acute injuries- you name it! Specifically, you want proteolytic enzymes. They digest proteins. I have seriously had a literal run-in with a counter, knew I would have a bruise the size of Texas (I bruise so easily!), then took pure, plant-based proteolytic enzymes (on an empty stomach). Absolutely no bruising or swelling remained the following day. I have since seen it happen repeatedly in many different situations. ProHealth carries Wobenzym, and I have met many, many arthritis sufferers who swear by it.

    The other benefits of proteolytic enzymes only come when one takes HUGE doses (With plant-derived enzymes, there is no danger to healthy tissues- they will only break down dead tissue- dead proteins in this case)- like 30,000-100,000 active units. At that dose, proteolytic enzymes can be used to break down the protein-dna coating of a virus so that it is rendered weak and vulnerable to antiviral treatments. I have also talked to people who have used 100,000 units 3x/day in staving off and even eliminating cancers of a particular type.

    That is not to suggest that everyone is bound to find all sorts of success for everything from arthritis to cancer, but is another treatment option you may want to discuss with your doctor if it resonates with you as a good idea.

    I apologize that my posts get so long- I miss my 'old job', and I am a wordy person anyhow!

    Peace and Love, with much Respect,
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  11. phoebe1

    phoebe1 New Member

    I am currently on a sugar-free diet and also staying away from wheat and gluten, that in itself has made a big difference.
    Lollie, please don't apologise for your long post, I appreciate it so much that you took the time and effort to type out all that info, it is very interesting and definitely some food for thought.

    Headaches are probably my biggest and worst complaint and I have had them for 8 years, everyday of my life.
    Recently I did a detox and they went away for weeks, until I took the Traumeel, it was like it triggered the headaches as well as the tight muscles.
    I had been free of them since the detox and with the first tablet they came back, it was unbearable, since I stopped it is better but still not gone as it was before I took the traumeel.
    How will I know it is a healing crisis? I'm scared that I will be doing more damage than good to my body.

    I will also look into the enzymes.
  12. LollieBoo

    LollieBoo New Member

    There is a thread some ways back that explains how to do it. Have someone test your baseline, then test you with the Traumeel. If it is stronger with the Traumeel, it is probably a healing crisis. If so, considering how long you've had headaches, I would recommend setting aside several days. Plan to 'roll with' whatever symptoms may come. It would help to have on hand things to alleviate your discomfort, but not to suppress the reaction. Cold packs, Warm packs, pillows, soft music, darkened room- whatever it takes to get you through it! If you are able to see it as a healing crisis, you will know that it will never get any worse thatn what you have already been through and when it is gone, the headaches are behind you.

    A detox clears your body on the physical level. Your headaches may be being caused by something deeper that needs to clear out. It is good that you have done a cleanse so recently. Many people go on a very light diet of whole grains and cooked vegetables when going through a healing crisis. Some say it speeds up the process (I don't claim to know!). I do know that opening your mind to your thoughts will speed the process, although that doesn't mean it is easy. I have had symptoms caused by such hurtful things that I repressed immediately because I couldn't deal with them. Those feelings have to be acknowledged and dealt with before the headaches will abate. Like I said before, though- it's better to walk through the fire- it will hurt like the dickens, but when you are through it, it is behind you. Your other option is to remain trapped in a painful place.

    There is still a good possibility that you have a sensitivity to something in Traumeel and you should avoid it. If you muscle test it, you will know for sure.

    I had terrible headaches several years ago- my dr gave me a narcotic nasal spray for them- that was the only thing that worked for them. I started taking Eclectic Institute's Vita Lipotropic and the headaches were gone almost immediately. I stayed on it for two years, then the company was out of stock for two weeks, and I thought I would lose my mind from the pain. When I went back on it, my headaches were gone, but I realized then that I needed to start over from the beginning with my diet and make some lasting changes so that I wasn't dependent on even an herbal medication.

    If Traumeel makes your headaches worse in a bad sense, it may be an important clue- if you are using the tablets, they are in a lactose-based tablet. Have you tried eliminating milk?

    Good Luck!
  13. PepperGirl52

    PepperGirl52 New Member

    I just ordered a bottle, and I'm wondering how I'll react, also.

    I am very sensitive to things, and currently on several narcotic pain meds, as well as an anti-D. Didn't even see that St.John's Wort was in it until I had already ordered it. Then I read someone's post saying that it is in a very small amount and shouldn't interfere with your anti-D??

    I don't know! I'm really confused and a little scared, too! I'm an RN, but so much of this is really new to me. I'm so used to dealing strictly with traditional medicine. Not to mention that homeopathic medicine, where it certainly has its place, and I applaud its use-what insurance company reimburses you for the use of all this stuff?? Zilch that I know of!

    So, here we have a monetary problem with trying everything that comes through the tubes. I am already, with insurance, paying over $300/month for my medications. It's not like I can afford, on disability, to jump onto the homeopathic band wagon! Sad, but true!!

    Oh well, if this doesn't work, regardless of what the label says, I'm letting my friend who has OA try it!

    Thanks for the heads-up, though. I will definitely start with a very small dosage!!! PG
  14. elastigirl

    elastigirl New Member

    I had a very bad/scary reaction to Traumeel. The scariest part for me was the labored breathing. I could barely draw a breath. It felt like someone was sitting on my chest. Very scary.

    The second scariest thing was the swelling and aching of joints that I had gotten back to "normal" using my own combination of supplements. I was soooooo terrified that I'd lost my hand strength again.

    For me, taking Traumeel was just like going back in time to those days when I was curled up in a ball, tired, wanted to scream in pain and agony, biting my tongue so as not to frighten my baby. Just like being in a time machine ... POOF! It took me back to the darkest days of my life.

    If I have to work through ~that~ morass of pain and blackness -- whoa! I'm not ready yet. I think I might have to wait until my son graduates -- in sixteen or so years :).
  15. tansy

    tansy New Member

    and found myself having heart flutters and palpitations, symptoms which had improved dramatically this year. My OI became worse too

    Classic homeopathy did not help me at all in the past, except a few nosodes, but complex remedies did sort out a few specific health issues when I was Rx them in the late 80s and early 90s.

    Traditional Chinese Acupuncture remains a useful adjunct. I was the first PWME/CFS my acupuncturist treated; he quickly learned to use the gentlest Tx otherwise things could go pear shaped.

    There is no doubt energy medicine can help some of us. ME/CFS etc means our cell's energy paths are disrupted and not working properly, that why any Tx that can stimulate energy wise, or sedate, can have adverse effects.

    I will try this again on one of my low energy days, to see what happens, if the same occurs, then I will know traumeel is not for me.

    I have had herxing, gone through detoxing, had healing crises (as naturopaths define them), and adverse effects from meds and alternatives. My first experience tells me this may be the latter, but at least I already had achieved getting my pain and inflammation levels down to what is more liveable with.

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  16. tandy

    tandy New Member

    and still may but,.....

    I'm definately gonna show my dr. a list of whats in it so he can give me his opinion.

    I'm also O possitive blood type ,I really wonder now if traumeel will be for me.??
    I never heard of such a thing with blood type mattering.
    in the case of supplements/herbs)or homopathy.???

    Thanks for posting everyone on how your doing.(good or bad) we need to hear it!!


  17. phoebe1

    phoebe1 New Member

    Wow I feel so much better reading all your posts, but also sorry that this didn't work for us and that we didn't get the same wonderful results as others.
    Since I've stopped the traumeel I keep improving, I live in south africa so I know it's not the weather in my case.

    Elastigirl, you took the words right out of my mouth :)
    Keep sharing your experiences!

  18. silky17

    silky17 New Member

    Well I tried it twice. I took one and abouty hour to two I wasn't feeling well, achy joints very listless. So I thought I would wait and try at another time. Today I tried again, blam I am feelingf crappy again. For some reason my eyes are burning too. So , I am going to check to see if I can get my money back, but I don't have a warm
    and fuzzy feeling that I will get it.

    Just giving you all feedback. Crazy how things will work for some and not the others.

    Night all,

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