Travel out of the question?

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    I am scheduled to leave for CO tomorrow a.m. to use a voucher for a trip I had to reschedule because I was to sick to travel in Sept on my Bday. Looking back at my journal, I've been sleeping excessively and "not quite right" since about August of last year. In fact, I'm sleeping more now than I was then thanks to Tizanidine which was Rx'd for tension headaches in addition to sumatriptan for migaines, both of which I recently discovered list depression as a possible side effect. (I stopped taking the Tiz)

    I can postpone my trip another week, but I still can't help but wonder what good it will do me to spend the $ to travel when all I seem to be able to do is sleep? I don't feel depressed, I just wake up, surprised that I've slept yet another 14-16 hours straight. My doc said, "send me your pain diary for evaluation". I think it's more complicated than that. Thyroid, fibro, lack of energy -> lack of exercise, etc. PLUS, why would I want to inflict my friends with me as a houseguest in this sordid state? They saw me at my worst with CFS, but that's when I resided in CO. Now I just don't think I have the energy to make the three hour drive to the airport, get on the flight, get the rental car and drive for another hour. (Someone offered to pick me up, but I like to have my own car so I can come and go as I please.)

    It just seems like too much work when I'm exhausted after doing essential errands! I hate to lose the flight credit, but maybe it's worth losing a few hundred dollars vs spending more money on a trip I really don't feel up to taking.
    Any ideas?
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    Yes, maybe I just wanted someone who understands to tell me it's OK not to go.

    I already decided to postpone my trip for a week, which is still within the time limits of the voucher and will allow me more time to rest.

    Don't get me wrong, If I could just project myself and be there, I'd do it. It's all the work it takes to get from here to there. I know from experience that if I start out tired, I'm not off to a good start. I much prefer to be good company than a half-wit, especially when I haven't seen certain friends & former co-workers for a long time. You see, I was (formerly) the "quick-witted" one. Maybe being a half-wit is my "new-normal"?
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    Hi Angela, your going to hate my reply, but I say go on your trip if at all possible.

    With this illness, in most instances, things dont seem to get any better with time, so I say get with it while you can and if you can.

    My experience has been that the worst part of a trip like you are about to undertake is the transition time period between getting ready to take a trip and the actual start of the trip, something about the worry and anticipation of transitioning from predictable daily existence to the bustle and unpredictable pace of actually travelling.

    Yes the trip will be exhausting, painfull, and there will be that inevitable recouperation period that you will have to go thru after returning..........but there will also be that sense of accomplishment of having reached beyond the daily rituals of this illness.

    Ive found the most important aspect of deciding to travel with illness is right at the very begining of the travell decision making process, the very minute that the idea to take a vacation and travel comes into my head the second idea must be "is it all worth it?", knowing the pain, fatigue, and recouperation that will be required. If the answer is "no", then I really need to do everything in my power to stop the inevitable planning process and put it out of my mind.............Don
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    I've done both & felt horrible either way! If I went on the trip, I worried I was no fun & a burden - not to mention the pain, fatigue & how long it took to recoup once I got home.

    If I cancelled, I worried that I was no fun & a burden to those I let down. I grieved over the trip I really wanted to go on, grieved over the things I didn't get to see or do & if that wasn't bad enough, I felt terrible to boot!

    So, the truth is - there is no easy answer. You have to make the choice knowing neither decision will be perfect but choose the one you can live with. Personally, I feel like this DD has stolen enough from me & if there is anyway I can go, I go. I try to think how will my illness effect the other people, also.

    I hope you start feeling better soon.

  5. rachel76

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    ...due to my illness being very severe. I tend to have the same dilemma you have on smaller things like going shopping locally or having to cancel a medical massagist.

    I could so relate to your dilemma.

    From your writing I suggest you cancel it. You don't have to make excuses or feel bad for it although that's easier said than done.
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    As a former reservation agent with USAirways, I can tell you a few things that will either make or break your trip. The first one is really simple. ASK! If you need something, if you're uncomfortable, if you're sick - ask for help. Once the door shuts, ask a flight attendant if there is any room in first class. Don't ask at the gate unless you are a premier member with a bazillion miles and upgrades for life. BUT - once they close the door, the flight crew are the ones in charge. Ditto if you need more to drink. Some airlines give you just a cup. Ask for the can or the bottle. Half the time they throw it away anyway. And don't let them tell you a middle seat is your ONLY option. I've seen them move people around faster than chess pieces!

    The next thing is that it's really NOT going to be better in a week, a month or a year. Postponing your trip is just pushing it back and making you deal with it later. You think you've bought yourself some time, but in reality everything you have this week will be there next week. You need to decide if this trip is REALLY what you want to do. Don't be afraid to say "No! I can't do this!" if it really WOULD be too much for you. But don't let a good time and good memories slip away either. If they're truly your friends, they'll understand.

    And I do too! In 5 weeks my daughter and granddaughter are coming to Alaska and we are renting a motorhome and driving to Denali. It's my granddaughter's first time and she's 8 years old. I want to be that "fun" grandma, the one who shows her what Alaska is all about. I am also fully aware that the road is a two lane road through the wilderness and is not always maintained. It could be nice or rain all week. There could be bears in the campground. And if there is an accident, I have to wait for a Medivac helicopter to get me out of there and fly me to Anchorage, three hours away. That's what COULD go wrong. But the part I LOVE is being with her, an angel who stole my heart 8 years ago and her mother who has held it for 27 years. And a man that's put up with all my whining for 30! LOL! I think of it as an adventure, even if it hurts like he** sometimes.

    I read something the other day, which was inspirational and so very true. "Faith makes things possible, not easy". Nobody ever said it would be easy. But everything IS possible!

    Soft hugs

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