Travelers On The Road Of Life

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    Travelers On The Road Of Life

    Give us strength, 0 Lord we pray
    to travel on from day to day.
    Along the path that leads until
    we reach full union with your will.

    We’ve traveled far, but oh! we know
    we have a long, long, way to go.
    While there is pain, adversity
    throughout the world,
    we plainly see
    work for you is far from done.
    Indeed, it hardly has begun.

    Oh make us channels as we go
    through which your healing love can flow.
    To all the other souls around
    wherever pain and woe are found.

    Blaze through us as a warm, clear light,
    solving Earth’s problems - putting right,
    its tragic wrongs.

    This is our prayer:
    "Lord in this glad work, let us share,
    each moment hear your gentle call,
    to transmit your great love, to all."

    -Hannah Hurnard