Traveling?? Is there a way without pain???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by iambz, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. iambz

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    I just traveled fro Ohio to Virginia. It was a 8 hr trip and I don't think that I would of made it without pain pills and muscle relaxers....
    Any suggestions for travel would be appreciated...
  2. MissRachel

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    I'm in the same boat as you! Next week i'll be travling by car for 5 hrs. I sure could use some pointers.

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  3. JP

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    I just drove a 4 1/2 hour drive. I have not driven more than 20 miles in well over a year. It felt great to be able to make the trip. I stoped every 45 minutes, stretched and walked around a bit. I also kept on my pain medication schedule. I did pay (additional pain) for the trip and it was a pretty good experience overall. The key for me is stopping.

    I hope you feel better soon...take care,
  4. Mrs. B

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    one of those back supporting pillows & if possible let someone else drive so I can let the seat back *\& put my legs up on the dash for a while. I also took stops when needed just to stand for a minute.

  5. teach6

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    Here are some things I have used in traveling. I usually don't go by car, since I am single and don't feel safe driving very far alone, due to my CFS.

    I use ThermaCare Heat Wraps. They make them to go on top of your shoulders and on your lower back, which bother me the most when traveling. I also use an inflatable lumbar pillow for lower back support. Finally, I have an inflatable neck pillow, which allows me to sleep, or just rest, without getting my head into a funny position.

    By the way, where in VA did you go? I live in Northern VA, about 25 miles from Washington, DC.

  6. ephemera

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    I've done 2 long trips this summer & can really recommend frequent stops. Also recommend using pain patches on the shoulders or back. Plus, I take along my earplugs, pillows & heating pad for use after driving.

    My Subaru has a heating element in the driver's & passenger's seat & I use it to keep my back relaxed. I also adjust the distance between the seat & the steering wheel to keep from cramping.

    I try to avoid the major interstates. I don't like the stress of some jerk driving at high speed, so I try to take the older highways which are more scenic & have lots of reasons to stop - like Roadside Americana architecture, etc. I feel more in control when driving the speed limit.

    The worst experiences I've had were on certain roads that had bumps, potholes & pavement with grooves. The vibrations on these roads went up through my arms & practically sent me to the moon with so much pain. Desperately got off those roads Quickly!

    Best wishes for your travels.