Traveling - Need advice from someone living in Houston

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jeramy, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. Jeramy

    Jeramy New Member

    Hi all,
    So I am taking my first airline trip in about 4 years. In that time I have started using a mobility chair. Not every day, but needed for any long walks or visiting places like a zoo, Disneyland, etc. No problem to stow the scooter when I'm traveling by car, but flying? So I've read the airlines guidelines on stowing a mobility scooter...looks like a real hassle.
    I know I can get assistance so and from checkin to gate, so my only need for the scooter outside of the airports will be my visit to LPI and the Johnson space center.
    Can anyone tell me if I will really need my scooter to get around Johnson and LPI? Will I regret not having it? I figure I probably do need it. I know Johnson has wheelchairs for use, but not LPI.How about a local agency that can rent me one for a day? Anyone have one to loan me for a day? OR any advice about bringing mine on the airplane?
  2. MicheleK

    MicheleK Member

    I just flew in April and I so wish I would have brought my own wheelchair. I had ordered wheelchair service but they are not always there at the gate. I had 4 layovers and two of the were no shows with the wheelchair!

    You can bring a wheelchair on the airplane much easier than a scooter. I would opt for that method. My girlfriend just did this to go to Mexico and it worked out beautifully for her. As long as you have someone to push you that is!

    I hope you have a wonderful trip! Hugs, MicheleK
  3. Jeramy

    Jeramy New Member

    I won't have anyone to push me and my arms aren't strong enough to wheel it myself. I'll have to hope I get the help I request.

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