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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by whoachief, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. whoachief

    whoachief New Member

    I will be traveling to Germany (long flight is what I'm dreading the most!!) for 10 days with my 15 year old daughter on Nov 18. She is going to compete in the "Dance Olympics" and is very excited. I'm looking for tips from anyone as to what I can do to keep myself from crashing during this trip!!!! I've already begun napping every day to get my body ready but I'm concerned about the time change (I'm in Ohio). Also any "tips" about what I can or can't pack in my suitcase or carryon for the trip. I've never been out of the country before. HELP!!! Thanks!
  2. JLH

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    Whoachief, congratulations on your daughter's accomplishment! Competing overseas in a dance competition will be an experience that she will remember for a lifetime!!

    I'm sorry that I don't have anything to help you as I have never travelled out of the US either.

    To Brooksiemom/Nancy: I can not begin to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your reply! It was very informative about Germany and I loved it! My husband's family is from Germany. His great-grandfather came to the US from Germany in the early 1900's and bought the land that my FIL and we are living on now. We have a lot of letters, written in old German, that his relatives wrote to him after he moved over here.

    With all your descriptive info, I would love to take a trip to Germany now to do some sightseeing!!!

    Thanks so much for all that you wrote!

    Many hugs,
  3. whoachief

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    Thank you all for your good wishes & advice for my daughter & I. She is very honored to be competing, especially since she just turned 15. She is the youngest in our group to be going. We are so looking forward to the beautiful scenery. Nancy - your information was WONDERFUL!!! Thank you so much. We will travel to Dresden for 2 days & then on to Riesa for the competition, then back to Dresden for 2 more days. We will be in Dresden for the opening of their Christmas festival & we have been told to spend at least an entire day there as it is wonderful. We are also looking forward to visiting a castle while we are in Dresden. Any suggestions as to which one we should see & best way to get there Nancy? Thanks so much for your help & I will keep checking back here.
  4. rockyjs

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    My daughter just got back from a three-year tour of duty in Germany and loved it there. Nancy's tips are great - I'm unable to travel but my husband and his parents were able to visit and really enjoyed the people and the country.

    If you make an attempt to learn a few phrases it will go a long way. American tourists can be real jerks and the Germans realy appreciate respect for their culture.

    We had heard about a homeopathic formula for jet lag called "No-Jet-Lag" and my family used it on their trip. Going into the future isn't nearly as hard as coming back in time :) You can get the package at almost any pharmacy or health food store. Just follow the insert directions and it will make a big difference in your recovery.

    Rick Steves has some great travel tips on his website including topics like money and packing.

  5. scrappnmom

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    You'll Love Germany! My daughter and her husband are missionaries in Chemnitz, Germany. Chemnitz is about 45 minutes from Dresden. Dresden is beautiful! Make sure you go to Seiffen while you are there. It is in the same area as Chemnitz and Dresden, probably closer to Chemnitz. It is what is referred to as the "Christmas Town". They decorate extensively for Christmas and you can find all kinds of hand made Christmas decorations. You'll have to see and buy yourself a "Pyrimid" which is a decoration that has little wooden people/angels etc that go around and kind of like a wind mill on top. It has candles on it too and when you light the candles the pyrimid goes around and around. Very pretty. They also have the most beautiful Christmas stars that you hand above your Christmas tree or anywhere I guess! Be prepared for it to be vary cold! We were there last October and It was Freezing. Take a warm coat, gloves, scarf, sweaters etc. Also the most beautiful castle you can see in Germany is Neuschwanstein, but it is not close to Dresden and I don't know where the other town is that you are going to. In Dresden, you MUST go to the Zwinger Palace! It's gorgeous! And the Royal Palace is in Dresden too! Just make sure you don't wear yourself out. There will be lots of walking to do. Since if you don't have a car or a chartered bus, you have to catch the bus or train to go anywhere. Make sure you take all of your prescriptions in their original bottles because if you don't they will take them away from you. A small container for your meds won't work when you are traveling to Europe! Take an electrical adaptor that will work in Germany. My daughter has had a hair dryer blow up and her curling iron "Melt". And that was using an adaptor. Our electrical appliances don't do well in Europe! But, I did ok. Have a good time! And good luck!

  6. scrappnmom

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    Oh one thing I forgot to say, is do not take Traveler's Checks! You can NOT use them in Germany anymore! We have traveled a lot in Europe and we used to do this. But, last October when we went to see our daughter we go stuck with having to exchange them at the bank and it was quite complicated and we lost money in the exchange! Just take cash and exchange it at the airport like someone else said! We'll know better now. We hadn't been to Europe since they changed to the Euro!
  7. whoachief

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    Germany was beautiful!!! Thanks for all the traveling tips from everyone. I was EXHAUSTED when we got there & slept for the most part of the first day (but we had planned for that) but after that I did pretty well. We arrived back home Monday night & I spent most of yesterday doing nothing & haven't done much today either but I really don't feel as bad as I had feared I would. The dancers did really well!! Although we didn't come home with any medals these kids (ages 15-17) competed in the adult category (16-36) and held their own against professional dancers from other countries that had been dancing longer than the kids have been alive. It was very exciting & we're hoping to do it again year after next!!!!!!!!!

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