traveling with diabetes...?

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    I am 20 years old and am in my third year of college. I just recently got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about 5 months ago. I just got on the pump a couple weeks ago as well... I have always wanted to travel and see a lot of different countries or go hiking with friends or backpacking through Europe. I feel like since I am diabetic I can't do this as well anymore... It really bums me out to feel like diabetes is holding me back from a lot of activities I would love to do with my friends and family. Do any of you travel a lot or go places for a semi-long period of time?

    I really do not want to feel like my new condition is holding me back from dreams that I want to accomplish when I graduate from college/grad school. I know that there are type one diabetics who run marathons or participate in triathlons and stuff, how do they do it??? (not that I want to run a marathon... but I know that if they can do that, I should be able to travel and hike, right - how?) Any advice or experience with how to accomplish goals like these...? It would mean a lot to me to hear what other people have to say! Thank you!
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    There is a good diabetes board here and you may want to try there and hopefully you will get lots of answers. Good luck!!!!
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    Ok, thank you very much I hope other people will reply! I posted it on the diabetes message board.