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    I am going to be visiting family (parents, brother, sis-in-law, and nieces aged 2 and almost 13) in another state for 9 days next month. I haven't been on a vacation in 6 yrs, and though I really want to go, and it is being paid for, I am really scared about how it is going to affect me. I get worn out and in pain very quickly, and it seems that every time I overdue it I recover to a lower level of functioning than I was at before. Any tips for traveling would be appreciated. Also, any tips for explaining to young relatives why Aunt Tammie is not up for doing much would also be good. The trip will involve about an hour drive to the airport, waiting for the plane, a 2 1/2 hour flight, and an hour drive on the other end.
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    Ah yes, those "vacations"!

    First, I would recommend you get as much rest (more than usual) before your trip. Preemptive rest can soften the impact of a change in routine.

    As for the flight, I find it helps to get a wheelchair. Although I am able to walk short distances, airports are often large and confusing.

    The wheelchair attendant will also help you navigate the security checkpoint, which is extremely helpful.

    While you're at your family's, try to excuse yourself to lie down in a quiet room when you start to feel bad. Don't wait until you feel like death warmed over!

    You're unlikely to be able to participate in everything. I suggest chosing carefully what you engage in. Go for quality rather than quantity.

    I hope you enjoy your visit!

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    I haven't travelled in about 7 years but I really want to

    I agree that the wheelchair in the airport should be a big help

    I hope you have prepped your host on your condition ahead of time, so they know your limitations

    Good luck and let us know how you make out
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    Thanks for the responses....and yeah, the hosts are my parents, so they sort of know what to expect...I say sort of, bc I have yet to come into contact with anyone who really gets it, & my parents seem to have been in a bit of denial about this for awhile....they are slowly beginning to understand....I'm more concerned with dealing with my nieces, though....they live very near there, and I adore them and want to spend a lot of time with them, but they are more difficult to explain this to (well I won't really be explaining it to the youngest - she's 2, but the oldest is 12 and always wants to do a lot with me)...I'm also worried bc I am on a weird sleep cycle, and don't really wake up until the afternoon is mostly over...since it is an hour ahead there, I will be waking up even later (& probably missing the sun, which is really tough on me)
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    Is there any way you can stay at a motel the day before you leave on the plane.That would give you some rest betwee driving and going to the airport.

    I break up the trip to my sister's place in a similar way.

    I drive to my dads, about an hour and a half away and stay the night at his place. The next day we drive together for the three hours to her house. We break up the three hours by taking turns driving.

    I have also been known to stay two nights at his house to have a complete day of rest before we leave. It really makes a difference.

    Will someone be driving for you or are you driving yourself?

    I also take Provigil for those days I must stay awake.

    My dad's car is much more comfortable than mine. We make sure we have some pillows and blankets in the car as well as some snacks.

    As far as the kids go, I am not sure but would like to hear what other people have to say. You might even want to put this on a separate post.

    Have a safe and fun trip.


    ETA When we went up to my sister's for Thanksgiving, we left on Tuesday. That way I had time to rest on Wednesday which prevented not crashing on the day we had Thanksgiving.
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