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    i am entersted in how manny of us can manage traveling and what hints do you all have to help keep a car trip fun. we travel 4 xs a year but i end up sick towards the end of the trip from pushing to hard. my husband finally understands that i can't do 500 miles aday car trips! i love to travel but i need hints as to hoow to pace myself. i can't believe siting in a car can exhaust me like it does. all answers appreciated. our trip encludes canada and the new england states and we live in iowa. i think i can handle 400 miles aday.thanks, cathy
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    Traveling can be a strain on the body also. I take cabs wherever I need to go. For me it is cheaper than owning, insuring and maintaining a car, also including gas.
    For a car trip like you are planning (like I used to do with ex) I used to buy some new music tapes (back then there were no CDs) and the music seemed to make the trip more bearable. I do not know many car games.

    Regarding traveling with the FM and/or CFS I would rest at every leg of the trip and tell everyone to just go to the devil if they refused to let you rest. It may fortify you for the next leg of the journey. I would also keep up on at least a good daily vitamin and keep my favorite drinks in a cooler with some fresh fruit. I always used to get hungrier on those car trips: more so than usual. And that tip may help ease the disease for you.

    I hope when you go you have a wonderful time. I have traveled the New England states and have found it worth the trip in every way. Canada was never ruled in for some reason. Take your health seriously, like you are now, through the whole trip. Have a good one.

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    When I have to do car trips, I take:
    2 of my pillows I sleep with and use them as arm rests,
    if my behind starts huring, I use one of the pillows to sit on for a while.

    I usually take my shoes off. Make sure your feet aren't gonna swell and you won't be able to get back in your shoes.

    Bring a neck rest - and don't forget those sunglasses.

    Wear support knee hi's. I wear them under my socks, along with comfortably tennys. Or whatever works for you.

    Bring lots of water and healthy snacks - bananas are good.

    Stop at least every 2 hrs. Get out of the car, walk around and do some stretches. You can also do some stretches in the car, i.e., head, neck and shoulders. I can stretch out my hips by putting one foot on my thigh and pushing down at the knee and leaning forward a bit to a count of ten, rest a second, do the same 2 more times. (This probably doesn't make a bit of sense - I have extreme, thick fibro fog today.)

    Change positions frequently.

    Soothing music is always a good thing. Just don't put the driver to sleep - LOL.

    My absolute time limit is 5 hrs. - preferably 4. My husband knows this, so he plans an overnight motel stop along the way. It doesn't have to be fancy - just clean
    and in a safe area.

    If a lumbar comes with your seat, don't forget to use it, or take a small pillow for the small of your back.

    I am very fortunate in that my car has a lumbar and heated seats. I sometimes bring an afghan for cover for if I get cold.

    You may look ridiculos sitting in your car, proped up w/pillow, neck rest and covered up w/afghan, but who cares!

    Don't be afraid to speak up when you need a break. I sometimes put the afghan on the floorboard to prop up my feet.

    Traveling when you feel badly is no fun. Try to relax. Pushing yourself to your limit is not the way to go. And, when mama is miserable (repeat after me) everyone is miserable.

    Here's to good traveling days for you.

    Oh, I forgot - my dr will Rx Ativan for travel (it helps relax me). Also, your Dr. may have suggestions - do a search on travel on the board, you will probably get some more suggestions. The above is what helps me - it was a trial and error thing.