Travelling pain with FMS/CFS and possible menopausal

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 760, Nov 30, 2008.

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    Does anyone have my problem? Sometimes, I feel like I am alone. I know that I am not. But not many are able to relate to me. Sometimes when I share with others about myself, it goes over their head or are overwhelmed. I try to be selective as to what I share. But sometimes, I do find that sharing my problem with someone actually eases the pain or helps me to cope with what pain is coming up.

    My pain travels. I take several medications for many symptoms. It would be nice if there was one medication to take at a certain time to take care of all the symptoms. I know there is still something missing from my taking care of myself. I am here to do that research.

    I was just wondering if there is another person who can feel their body go through this process of menopause. I am able to feel the changes in my pelvis as well as travelling aches from my back, arms and mostly my left leg. Meds, exercise, fresh air help quite a bit. I have a service dog. He is a great help. Well, just let me know, I'd love to make contact for support. Thank you.
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    I understand your frustration when trying to talk with others about your medical issues. The only real receptivity to my feelings and concerns about my fm and cfs has been on this board. When I am in a good place I can see how hard it may be for others to relate to these crazy and sometimes all pervasive diseases. Heaven knows that I cannot figure out the whys and whats of what I live with each day of my life.

    Telling my dr. that my pain seemed to travel brought this label into my life--fibromyalgia. She then said there is no cure and it may get worse. I did not quite believe her. She was right on. It seems insane to me that I can have a pain on one side of my body only to wake up the next day with the pain on the opposite side.

    I am not sure where I am at in terms of menopause. I had a hysterectomy in 1983 at the age of 32. I stopped premarin in 2003 (?).

    You have come to a good place for info and support. I do not feel so all on my own with these dd's.
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    I can relate. I've been disabled and in intractable pain 24/7 since I went into peri-meno 8 years ago. I've been totally bedridden since then whereas the years before that I was a high functioning CFIDSer. It is definitely hormonal for me. I learned that the endocrine and immune systems are intertwined and interdependent on each other. My immunity fluctuates with my cycle and so does the pain. The weight gain has been astonishing to me. All of my Sx are much worse than ever. When it's a full moon like it is now I'm in so much pain I can't walk and sometimes have to use a wheelchair.

    I learned alot by perusing meno message boards. All my new and weird Sx can be accounted for with my perimeno. I always had major pain during my periods and ovulation so I think this is all part of the situation for my body. How about your periods and ovulation? Were you in pain with them?

    With peri-meno you still have your periods and still ovulate but can also get all these bad Sx from the meno process that's started too. They say that it can be adversely affected by chronic illness. My sympathies to those who are also going through this.

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    Welcome! Okay, this is how foggy my brain is...I thought you were asking about traveling with pain..was waiting for you to get to that part. =)

    I understand about talking to people helping. Talking to people helps with everything in life. Communicating and sharing with others is what brings people closer. "Getting things off your chest" has always been beneficial. I agree though, telling the right people is key - or selecting a few people to share everything with, and then others just bits is what you have to do.

    My pain is mainly in my legs. When it goes to my arms, I'm in trouble - I know it's going to be a particularly bad day.
    I can't say I can feel the menopause thing. I think I'm perimenopausal - definitely going through something, but nothing I can physically pinpoint. Maybe you're very in tune to your body.
    That's great that you have found what really helps and that you can get out and exercise, get some fresh air!! In the summertime, just sitting outside always makes me feel better - it does wonders for the body, mind and soul.

    This is a great community! I hope you'll post often, answer posts as well. We learn from each other and most of all realize that we are not alone. Most of us have felt the same at one time or another.
    Nice to have you here!

  5. wendysj

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    Welcome to message board!

    I am 28 and had a full hysterectomy this year. I was diagnosed with CFS in 2004 but didn't have the awful pain and aches until I had my ovaries removed in July. The joint pain is definitely set off by the menopause. My doctors said that this surgery (I've had many) was the one that pushed me over to FM and CFS. Yuck.

    I absolutely have the same problem with selecting people I can talk to about my illness. You truly cannot see how much pain we're in on the outside. People can only see that we look "a little tired". Yeah, a LOT tired. Fatigue to most people means a long week at work. Fatigue to us means I'm too exhausted to walk into the kitchen to make a sandwich. BIG difference. Most people don't understand that. That's okay... unless they walk in our shoes, how can they?

    Everyone here does understand fully what you are going through. There are many very knowledgable people and equally compassionate people who post on this board.


    PS My "funniest" pain is my left shoulder. It hurts so bad sometimes, it feels like it's broken all the way down my arm into my hand. I can wake up the next day, nothing. It feels fine. What the heck!?!

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