trazadone or ambien? which is better for insomnia

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by joanierav, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. joanierav

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    hi, im hoping you all can help me. i went to my immunologist for my appt last month, and i told him my insomnia is so much worse. so he gave me a script for trazadone 50 mil, and told me it would be ok to increase it, not to be afraid. he said he has the best results with this med for insomnia as ppl dont build up intolerance to it. i still have the script , i am afraid to try a new med as i have such sensitivities

    a few wks later, i had appt with my primary, and he disagreed with my immunologist, he recommended ambien instead. at the moment i am on 15 mil. of tamazapam, i rotate every other day with 2 mil of lunesta. this rotation has helped me for 2 yrs. longest i have ever gone , before i build up intolerance. but now it has stopped working. he suggested that i raise the tamazapam to 22 mil and instead of the lunesta, try the ambien. rotating.

    i like both my doctors, but dont know which one i should follow. i am more afraid of the trazadone, as i dont do well on the tricyciclics antidepressants. but may do well on this one. i will see what the consenses of opinion is here, as there are such good doctors on this message board. hehe. should i do the trazadone or the ambien?

    thanks so much for any help you can give me.

    hugs, joanie
  2. Nikki

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    I was taking both at one time. But am only taking the ambien now . . but, i take it with Gabapentin . . . so, it's really hard to tell. I kinda think the ambien worked best for me . . . but, we're all so different.

    hopefully someone with better information will post. this will at least bump you up to the top of the board.

    Good luck!

    Nikki (aka sharon)
  3. GeminiMoon

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    I have been on Trazodone for about 25 years. Right now, I take 200mg daily, at bedtime. It is a serotonin modulator, not a tricyclic. I did start out with a low dose and gradually worked my way up to a level that I was comfortable with. It helps me get a good 7-8 hours of sleep each nite so I consider it a blessing!
    I recently had a liver profile that came out normal.

    That is my story so I would recommend trying the Trazodone (slowly) to see how you do on it.

    Keep us posted.

    p.s. I seem to need a little less in the summer. We have loooong winters here in Chicago!
  4. joanierav

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    very good info. didnt know about the serotonin modulator, thought it was trycyclic. now maybe i will give it a try. because ambien is in the same class as the lunesta, and i guess it will only be a matter of time before i build up intolerance to that too. thanks again for responding.

    i am gemini rising. hehe.

    hugs, joanie

  5. Beadlady

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    I took trazadone for awhile, but it made me feel like a zoombie the next day and I don't get that way with Ambien.
  6. GeminiMoon

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    I think the trick is to start with a low dose and gradually build yourself up to the dose you are comfortable with. Otherwise you might get the
    "zombie" effect others describe.

    I am a Libra with Virgo rising and Gemini moon. It's the Virgo rising that keeps me up at night worrying; thank goodness for the traz!
  7. joanierav

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    thank you so much for the replys. very much appreciated . i trust all your comments, so very many smart ppl on this board. love you all.

    ok that said. i have not tried any of them yet, as i just got out of hospital, with asthma, and am full of prednisone and antibiotics. and the prednisone keeps me so hyped up, dont want to try anything new at the moment. the rotating lunesta and tamazapam, are still working, (barely) surprisingly with the prednisone. i will be off it, in a few wks. t.g.

    omg!!! i am virgo, with libra moon and gem . rising. . you are lucky with the virgo rising, thats where you get all your strength.

    i will definately keep you all posted when i change my protocol to either the ambien or the traz.

    big warm hugs, joanie
  8. joanierav

    joanierav Member

    forgot to ask you, what was the dose you started with, that zonked you out? and was it only prescribed for sleeping, or for the daytime?

    how have you been bead? we've been missing each other on the chat. hope you are doing ok. thanks for responding.

  9. kmcclane

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    Ambien and Neurontin.....Trazodone left me too sluggish in morning. Everyone's differrent tho. These 2 for me have been working ok for a couple of weeks now!
  10. joanierav

    joanierav Member

    thank you for the response. i dont want sluggish. im sluggish enough without anything!

    hugs, joanie
  11. rkidd3423

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    The only thing that works for me and doesn't make me sluggish is 50mg of Trazadone. It's just different for everyone. I took amitriptylene and it made me feel awful until at least noon the next day. I tried Silinor (I think it is) and it didn't even help me stay asleep. I have never tried Ambien though.

    I hope you find something that works well for you. Being tired and sleepy all the time is a miserable feeling!

  12. munch1958

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    Tradazone gives me a dry mouth. I already have a dry mouth and believe that I had diabetes insipidus. Getting anti-diuretic hormone is another story. I get such a dry mouth on trazadone so I quit taking it.

    I like Ambien CR the best but the generic SUCKS. They just came out with generic over the last year. I've had to fight with my mail order pharmacy about getting the name brand med. Cheap$kate$, can fill a generic for a fraction of the cost.

  13. vickiw

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    I have heard about and people close to me have experienced bad things with long term use of Ambien.

    We thought my husband was having a breakdown and he ended up in a psych hospital. The first thing they did was discontinue his Ambien and things got back to normal. It did give him the best sleep he ever got, but he won't touch the stuff now.

    My brother was having a couple of beers while watching a football game. He took his Ambien and the next thing he knew, he woke up in jail, strapped to a bed. This is my good, law-abiding, gentle brother. What happened was, in a state of black out, he drove to a liquor store and was literallly falling down in the store (double warning here - do NOT mix with alchohol). The clerk called the police. He was strapped down because he told them he didn't want to live, so they took suicide precautions. He won't touch the stuff now- he'd rather deal with insomnia.

    A friend found out that she was getting up at night and sending nasty emails to her dear friends. No memory of doing it at all. She won't touch the stuff now.

    All of these people used it for a year or more before these episodes happened. Scary!

    I know of people who get up, cook food and eat it and have no memory of doing so. Under the influence of Ambien.

    I used it once or twice and had a wonderful sleep...but it gives me terrible rebound insomnia.
  14. joanierav

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    for your helpful replys. so far trazadone is winning the race. im not going to rush into it though, as on another thread i mentioned the FIBROSLEEP that i recently purchased here at p.h. is working great , and still rotating the tamazapm, and lunesta with it.

    keeping fingers crossed. this insomnia is the curse of the devil!!!!! quoting my childhood friends mom , who always said that. hehe.

    hugs, joaniexo