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  1. hideycat

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    Yesterday I went to the doctor and got a prescription for trazadone 100 mg. 1 at night as needed.

    I took the trazadone last night and slept! Woke up only once in night. Then my cat always wakes me at 6 am to take my regular meds. So I did and went back to sleep. Really nifty!.

    Also switching from Celexa to generic prozac. Have to be off the celexa 3 days before starting the generic prozac. I've been on regular prozac before = so this shouldn't be such an adjustment.

    Sleeping at night - wow, what a wonderful invention!

  2. Cactuslil

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    I finally got my doc to allow me to quit the amitryp./beta blocker regimine to the deseryl (trazadone)/beta blocker as the Prozac I had been on (at much greater levels than that used to adjunct sleep or pain killers). I was on that combo due to extreme/horrid and frequent migraines. I guess I spent a year in and out of the hospital as either a patient or treated in the ER.

    I do not know why meds affect me so vastly different but they do so I am very careful and have tried to keep it to a "low roar" but I have several conditions, don't we all, that respond to meds.

    I take Celexa, an SSRI as a stop gap if I ever am relieved to the situational depression, which is now what the deseryl is for;I have been under treatment for depression since a teen. Celexa presently is the only SSRI that does not affect my other meds.

    Always learning, arn't we! CactusLil'
  3. klutzo

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    Traxadone (Desyrel) gave me a non-stop 24 hr. headache for two weeks until I said enough of this. Like Lil says, we are all different.
    Anti-depressants are a weight gain disaster for me, and none of them helped me, and I sure tried them all.
    I need the downer meds, like Xanax. Without it, I can't even walk unassisted.
    I hope it keeps working for you,
  4. GeorgiaPat

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    I used to have miraculous results from 5mg Ambien, but now even the 10mg doesn't work very well.

    I just took Trazadone for two weeks, first 50mg and then 100mg. I've heard that it worked well for other people, but it not only didn't make me sleep, I felt very drugged for at least two hours when I got up. I just quit cold turkey last night. I'm a real estate agent - 100% self employed - and it's hard to make a living when I can't get dressed and get out of the house. :-(

    I'm so glad for you that it's working! I'm fortunate not to have the headaches or dibilitating pain, but I know I'd be able to tolerate anything with a good night's sleep!