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  1. lighthouselady

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    I know there's been many questions about Trazadone before but I just started taking it 2 nights ago, having stopped Ambien after a year or so. The dose is 50 mg and I was instructed to take 1/2 tablet for a week, then a full tablet. The first night I barely slept, very fitful when I did and a lot of dreaming. Last night I slept better, (I think from pure exhaustion) but I still woke up 5 or 6 times though I did not get out of bed. Has anyone else had this reaction, will it get better? or should I call my rheumy and get back on the Ambien, I think I may have been building a tolerance to that too. I'm getting so frustrated I can't stand it, I stayed home from work today cuz I was so tired I couldn't move. Anyway, I'd appreciate any input on this.

    Thanks, Judy
  2. epicurean

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    for at least two and a half years,am now up to 150 mg. at bedtime.Along with that I also take Ambien.With the combination I am able to sleep at least 6 hours.I do wake up once a night to go potty-but get right back to sleep.Happy-dreams to you!!!
  3. jka

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    right now i.m taking 100 mg along with2 mg of alprazolam
    i'm sleeping better-but still not all doc said to slowly increase trazadone up to 300 mg.just find the # that works for hang in there and you might call doc about a higher dose.
    kathy c
  4. tansy

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    Dr I saw regarding some cfs problems thought that whilst it was helping towards getting more sleep it was adding to problems with my cognitive impairment. Turned out he was right.

    Now take ambien with high doses of valerian. It's not right yet but best it's been for decades.

    As my gp said it's a matter of trial and error. As you no doubt already know what works is down to each individual but it does help to get feedback from others because very often you find certain therapuetic agents seem to crop up very regularly.

    As for me I'm not there yet so still some more experimenting to go.

    One thing about trazedone is that many doctors think its the safest long term and less likely to cause the side effects that go with this group of drugs

    Good luck

  5. lucky

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    I have been taking Trazadone for years with great results on a 100 mg dose.
    However, as somebody mentioned, since we all react differently to drugs, it is trial and error many times, until to find the one which helps.
    I cannot tell you how happy I was and still am to sleep 8 hrs. a night which was never the case before I took this med.
    And it is not habit forming either as far as I know.
    Hope it ultimately will help you as well, so you get a better rest at night.
  6. abjessop

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    Hi Judy,

    I took trazodone for 2 weeks before I gave up. It wired me up as if I'd had 6 cups of coffee - all day every day. Sexual sensation diminished, I couldn't rest, couldn't sleep, was ready to kill someone by the end of it.

    Apparently that's a really rare reaction

    I've also had poor reactions to other meds (Remeron, Nortriptylene, even some OTC like 5HTP), guess I'm unusually sensitive.

    Good luck,
  7. Plantscaper

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    I think Ambien is very effective for short term use, BUT one usually does develop some tolerance for it over time..I did not think that Trazadone was effective at all for me..

    What I would recommend is Zanaflex, which can be used long term, and you don't seem to develop tolerance for it..It's a muscle relaxant and helps with that kind of pain, too..especially, helped my neck and shoulder achiness/pain... I feel for you, as I know how bad you feel the next day without enough sleep.......

    Doxepin is also an option, but don't think it is as effective as Zanaflex..which has been a miracle for me...

    Hope it helps,
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  8. marta

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    I have found that Ambien creates its own dependence so I wouldn't give up on the Trazadone. You might want to consider tapering off Ambien, like 1/2 every other night with the Trazadone for a week and see how you do.

    Sorry, I didn't get to the board yesterday and I'm playing catch up...

  9. lighthouselady

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    Sorry it took me so long to get back on the board. Just haven't felt like sitting at the computer after work. I've kept up with the Trazodone since Monday, I am sleeping better but kind of hung over in the morning. Can't say its helping the pain yet but as you all say, I have to give it some time. Hopefully, someday we'll have an answer and something that really helps.

    thanks all again. Judy
  10. NancyB19

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    I have used Trazadone for 1 1/2 yrs now. It works very well for me. I take it and within an hour, I am fast asleep. If I don't take it I am wide awake. I tried Ambien before I was diagnoised. It made me space out. I couldn't remember anything after taking that pill although it did make me sleep! Actually it was a little scary.
  11. lighthouselady

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    Nancy, I was getting like that on Ambien. I slept but I couldn't remember anything until I woke up in the morning. It was rather scary. Before I quit smoking, my husband said I came out on the couch and lit a cigarette, almost burned myself and went back to bed. After that I didn't get out of bed if I woke up. Yipes.
  12. NancyB19

    NancyB19 New Member

    That is exactly how it was for me too! It was scary. I would ask my husband about things I thought I might have done just to see if I really did them! Very strange stuff..
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  13. kakirk928

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    Trazadone has been great for me, but it took 4 months to get to the right dose for me (150 mg). I sleep a full 8 hours on it. I do feel very spacey if I am woken up before 8 hours have passed. One thing I noticed after getting on the correct dosage is that my fibro symptoms improved (this was last May).

    I have to be careful if I'm traveling and forget to bring it - I have a horrible night's sleep with sweating, tossing, turning, & nightmares.

    Good luck!
  14. charlie47

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    I have taken trazadone for 2 yrs. I always felt like I was drugged out the next day on 150mg. I cut back down to 75mg but then I could'nt sleep. My doctor is trying me on zyprexa 5mg ( olanzapine ) Trazadone is good for some. Good luck to you. charlie47
  15. Sissy123

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    Everything I have been told about ambien by my docs proved to be true. I was on it for along time and then tried a trillion other things that didnt work and then tried ambien again. Once you build a tolerance to it, it never works the same again. I couldnt even tell that I took it once I tried it again. I slept very well on it for along time, it was a real dissappointment when I tried it again. I dont like trazadone though. It makes me feel real yucky and even more tired than I already am, but doesnt make me sleepy.