Trazodone & Savella

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  1. siestasuze

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    I'm currently taking savella, with which having some increase heart rate and some days of higher blood pressure.

    My dr. prescribed Trazodone this afternoon to help me sleep ( been on ambien so long, not working anymore). I am worried if it's an AD that it may interact with the Savella???? Anyone know if Trazodone is a SSRI, which definetly can cause serotonin problems taking with Savella??

    Also wonder if maybe since Trazodone can cause "hypotension" if it may help with the side effect from Savella of occasional elevated BP and rapid heart rate (never below 100 at rest)?

    I googled trazodone but since it's an old med, can't tell if it's in same class of drugs of SSRI's or if it works differently??

    Any help is appreciated. Too late to call my pharmacist or dr. today. I'm not really a dummy, just having bad case of brain fog today, Sorry!

    Thanks for any help! suze
  2. AuntTammie

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    It is not an SSRI and it is very commonly prescribed along with other ssri's and other types of a/ is a very old version of a/d but docs very seldom use it for depression anymore bc the amt required to treat depression makes people extremely sleepy all day long.....they use it in much lower doses as a sleep med than they would need in order to get the a/d properties

    ETA if you get all your meds at the same pharmacy, they would tell you if there were any interactions precautions - pharmacists are much better than docs in general in this regard
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  3. siestasuze

    siestasuze New Member

    Thanks AuntTammie. I do use 1 pharmacy. My husband just brought home the Rx and my dr. has me taking 50mg at bedtime, so hope it works. Hate waking up all hours of the night!

    Just very careful due to being on the Savella, and I know SSRI's iinteract with Savella (already had a bad experience with this once), so I was hesitant as to if it was a true SSRI.

    Appreciate your info!

  4. hermitlady

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    I've been taking Traz for several yrs, 50mg at bedtime...once in awhile 75mg. I also take Prozac. I've never had any problem w interactions, even when I was on Effexor w the Traz.

    Traz in this low dosage does not act as an AD, I think it can be prescribed up to 300mg for help w sleep. Doses for getting the AD effect are way higher.

    I seriously doubt you'll have any problem w the dose you have...sweet dreams!
  5. siestasuze

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    Wanted to say thanks for your post/reply about the trazodone. Really do hope this works, because there's nothing worse than having fibro and not being able to get sleep, makes everthing worse!!

  6. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    I also recently started taking an OTC herbal sleep aid called "Sleep-MD". I had been having to increase my Traz for a couple of wks, but now I'm back to 50mg plus this Sleep-MD supplement.

    I think the Sleep MD helps relax me more so I can fall asleep faster. I used to take .5mg Ativan at bedtime, but discontinued it 6wks ago, so I've been missing it's effect.

    I do know that I sleep much deeper when I take Traz, if I try to skip it, I wake up many times throughout the night.

    Night Night......zzzzzzzzzzz
  7. bzb1170

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    When my doctor put me on Savella, I was taken off the trazodone because it also has a serotonin uptaker. See my psoting on Savella FYI. I had a terrible reaction to Savella and missed out on sleep as well as bad side effects. The side effects were ike what youmay have if you were pregnant.
    I will be going back on the Trazadone at night and Prozak during the day with Ultram for pain as needed. seems to work the best, my family doctor thought maybe the Savella would help me but I have had an awful two months!
  8. herbqueen

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    I never took sleep meds before this neuro/lyme /autoimmune whatever flare from hell. On trazadone but unfortunately it is only giving me 2-3 hours of night..... wished it worked better! My god I went from no drugs what so ever now to considering anti siezure drugs-anything to get me sleeping and stop the downward spiral I'm in. My how things change. Thought I'd never be taking pharmecuticals and look at me now! Spoke with other advanced lyme patients and they are so many drugs- drugs to to sleep, abx multiple, antiseizure, anxiety0-anything to get them through the day. I"m almost there in so much agony. Feels like a dream.

    I'm chemical sensitive and I can taste the traz/ldn etc I'm on all day in my mouth.

    Last night I took the traz woke up 1:30! then took the OC sleeping med to get another couple of hours.
  9. siestasuze

    siestasuze New Member

    Thanks to all of you who offered your information to my post!!

    It's nice to know there's a place you can come to and get so much help with any questions or when looking for advice etc..

    Unfortunately, the Trazodone didn't work for me and my insomnia. It didn't even make me the slightest bit drowsy, even at 100 mg. I am currently trying "LUNESTA", for about 6 nights now. It's helping, if I could only get my sleep cycle turned back around as it should be.

    thanks, suze