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  1. Aeryn

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    I checked old messages and it looks like everyone has had a good experience with this (or it just didn't work for them).

    My doc gave me enough to try for2/ 4 days (50/25 mgs a night). I'll start on 25.

    Has anyone heard of any bad side effects?

    I know I should eat something first and be in bed when I take it (what if I have to pee at night?).

    Anything else?

  2. NutsInAlabama

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    I started on trazodone 2 1/2 mo ago and I do get at least 3-4 hrs of uninterrupted sleep a night I am on 100mg a night I have PTSD FM CFS OP OA fx'd T12 GAD and Clinical depression to name a few
    So far I have been able to awaken when I need to empty my bladder and go right back to sleep. It does make me quite groggy if I don't go to bed within a half hour of taking on an empty stomach or about 1 hour if I have eaten.
    I do stumble my way to the bathroom when I wake and it takes a few minutes to clear the cob webs in the morning but I am not getting the nightmares and and sleeping deeply (I can tell cuz the pillow between my legs hasn't moved) But I am a bit stiffer in the am due to the arthritis but that is quite normal for me. The antidepressant agent in it has also been working with the amitryp well and since I have gotten back on the amitryp I have noticed at least a bit better mental attitude

    Hope it works for ya
    Luv and Hugs
  3. Aeryn

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    You are carrying around a lot. I'm glad you are getting some relief. That's a lot to have to deal with.

    Thanks for the advice. Glad to know I won't pee in the bed. Well, let's see if it works!

  4. Rene

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    Hi I tried everything and Trazadone was so perfect. Didn't give me hangover at all. Of course I had to developed welts and go to the emergency room. I was soooo upset NOT because of the welts but because I couldn't take trazadone. My mom loves it you'll be fine I sure. It helped my sleep so much but thank god that I can sleep at least 7 hrs now with nothing
  5. jka

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    i started off at 100 mg and now i'm taking 250-300 at really helps me sleep.if i don't take it-i wake up every hour on the hour!

    kathy c