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    I posted a message last week asking sbout Paxil. Don't ever want to take that again. I took it from Weds. - Sat. and didn't take anymore. It gave me hard headackes, dizziness, blurred vision.

    I went back to dr. today and he put me on trazodone 50mg starting tonight. I read some post from last week about the drozziness. I was taking 100mg of elavil and it won't even make me sleep good at night. After 4 1/2 yrs it gave me panic attacks at night after I slept for about an hour.

    Dose Trazodone give you any side effects of weight gain or low sex drive? I've been off the elavil for 2 months and I've lost 10 lbs. and finally got my sex drive back. My husband could not be happier(HAHA). I hope it lasts, we are going on our 2nd honeymoon (17th Anniv.) to Cape Hatteras, NC in Sept.
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    Unfortunately, Trazadone caused both weight gain and low sex drive for me. I'd say I gained about 20 lbs in 2 yrs, and had virtually no interest in sex during that time. Could just be me....I hope you fair better!! Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! :)

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    I used to take Elavill 100mg also for years. My DR switched me to trazodone about 2mo ago. I have lost weight and I have no sexual drive. I take alot of other medicine's that could be effecting me though. Happy Anv.

    Soft Hugs,
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    I also stopped elavil(weight gain) and am now taking trazadone. I have lost 15 pounds so far. My sex drive isn't the greatest but I do take other meds. I also hurt most of the time which doesn't make me feel real sexy. Valerie