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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Chelz, Jun 19, 2003.

  1. Chelz

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    Hi everyone!!!! Does anybody have a NO INCLINE treadmill that costs under $200.00? I see these expensive treadmills on TV all the time, but my funds are extremely limited and I can't afford those $600.00 treadmills. I have seen a few that are cheaper, but, they have an incline which I definately can not tolerate. I do walk outside in the summer because we have a park nearby, but come October when the weather gets cold around here, I'm stuck. Do any of you have this problem? PS, I know this problem might seem trivial, but flat walking really does help my fibro. Thanks, Hugs, Chelz.
  2. j-bearmama

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    you can get one for around $100.
    the self propelled, rather than electric ones are better on the budget and YOU make it go, not the machine.
    SO better exercise.
    I had calf pain from the incline so I put books under the back end to make it level. no more calf pain.

    Good luck, and remember, it's not there to collect dust or hold your jacket. ( trust me we all do it)


  3. jka

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    have you tried a used one?i bought mine at target on sell for 350.we got there charge card and got 10%off that.

    kathy c
  4. AnnG

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    a used one that a lady advertised in the paper. It can be flat or inclined (most are this way). Or buy from Sears when they are having one of their many 0% sales. If you pay it off in a interest! I would be remiss though, if I didn't mention that most physical therapists HATE treadmills and think they do more harm than good. (Another great excuse for me not to use mine!)
  5. klutzo

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    It had a steep incline, so I put a block of wood under it to make it flat. I have to keep my hands on the bars. If I swing them, the machine shakes too much because of being up on a block. I don't get enough of a heart work-out without the incline, but the incline killed my lower back to the point I had to have a cortisone injection. A slower speed also helped my back hurt less.
    I think you can find a used one that cheap and then prop up the back if you have to.