Treat Yourself Doctors Are A Real Joke

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sharon5650, May 10, 2006.

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    I have come to know now over years of going to doctors, and more doctors, medications, and more medication, vitamins and more vitamins, to do my own thing now. Doctors are a real joke to me now. Actually they really don't care like they did years ago. Here in Canada they want your medicare card to pass it through quickly, you feel like you are on an assembly line. I know me, more than they do anyways. I research and research and am learning more about this than any of them. They stand there and look at you like your a nut case, who needs them. Now when I go to them, I end up telling them what I need, I actually bring the printed out paper from the such a joke ....why don't they take time out and learn about us, are we not thought about?? Anyways I have come to learn over the years to diagnose myself and find out what the WHY'S are before the SYMPTOMS get treated first....I do work pt in nursing so I see what goes on, and its not to funny I can tell you...everyone closes they ears and eyes to everything. I'll take care by choosing to research my own stuff now, then tell the doctors what I think might help me. I have started that now, just by fooling around with my meds, the dam sides affects are causing us to get sicker, some of them don't go with the others, and the doctors don't even tell you...check it you'll see what I mean.........................sharon5650 up here in Canada
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    I couldn't agree with you more. My doctor gives me whatever I ask for except pain meds. I get sick of him because he's so worried about my cholesterol...and I just want to say "I'm in so much pain NOW, I don't care if I die of heart disease; I probably wouldn't even notice if I have a heart attack." Of course, I'm being sarcastic. But it's the same in the U.S. I'm sick of doctors and their judgemental attitudes!!!

    Hang in there, Sharon! You have support here!

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    For some reason I could hear your Canadian accent while I was reading your post!

    I have to tell you about one time that my Dr. & I were filling in for another nurse & DR. that was on vacation. A pt came in that had Raynaud's Phenomenon/Disease. This is where circulation is so compromised that the extremities are blue & cold. This pt was so bad that she actually had open wounds around her ankles, like the size of a tennis ball. This is a very painful condition as you can imagen. This day she was asking for more pain medication. The last time she was in the dr. prescribed Vicodin for her. She was asking for a different med saying she didn't like the Vicodin & was afraid of addiction.

    I told her I would talk to the dr. and get back with her. The office manager overheard us & informed me that she did not need any more meds & that she is just a drug seeker. I asked her is she had ever seen her legs & she said, "No, but I am aware of this pt because Tracy (the nurse on vacation) has told me about her."

    I informed her that I am her nurse today, and I have seen her ulcers on her legs & I will address this issue with my dr. This office manager even went so far as to say that this pt was self inflicting these awful wounds to get narcotics! I asked her if she was also cutting off her own circulation to the point that her legs from her knees down were cold & blue? I was SOOO mad! Needless to say, my pt that day did get the medication she asked for!

    I could go on & on. I'm with ya all on this!

    What's the weather like in Canada? Hugs, Tam
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    I could not agree with you more! I live in Baltimore with world famous Johns Hopkins Hopsital. What a joke. You have to be on top of your own health issues and question-question-question your doctors.

    By the way, members of my own family were educated and worked at Hopkins Hospital and they so agree with me. What does that tell you? Be ware!

    Best wishes,