Treated for poison ivy now may have shingles because of treatment

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ~jean~, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. ~jean~

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    Started with a poison ivy rash and got shots from the doc. Benadryl and some kind of cortisone. Had a blister pack of some kind of prednisone and finished it today.
    The very day I got the shots...I started with a new rash on my one side. It has continued to worsen and now after talking to doc she suspects I may have shingles. She said prednisone can worsen shingles.
    So maybe I had it and it suddenly appeared before my eyes because of those shots?
    I am afraid to go to the doctor to see if it's shingles and then what?
    I had not been to the doctor for 4 years before this as avoid them (their medicines mostly) like the plague.
    Now I find myself once again caught up in the vicious cycle.
    I am itching so horribly and even since this morning this rash is spreading.
    I have it on both of my sides and around my neck.
    I was told they could put me on an antiviral for this if it is shingles.
    Time for a new search if this indeed is shingles now.

  2. gb66

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    Shingles usually apprears on only one side of the body. It sounds more like an allergic reaction to one of the medicines. The doctor should be able to tell by looking at it if it's shingles.

    When I had it, the rash was on my neck, ear, face, shoulder and part of the way down my back, but only on the left side. Shingles doesn't itch as much as some rashes. At least mine didn't, but is painful. I did try an antiviral drug but only took two small doses before a I had an allergic reaction to it. My doctor said all the anti viral drugs were the same and there was no need to try another one. I didn't have any complications or a very severe case. It cleared up in about 3 weeks, altogether. Gradually got better.

    Yours doesn't sound much like shingles but only the doctor can tell you. I hate that you're having so much to deal with. Also, If it is shingles you need to start the antiviral drug in the first 72 hours for it to be the most effective. I'd go back to the doctor. Take care. GB66
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  3. elliespad

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    Jean, If it IS Shingles, you might try using Turmeric, the Herb, not the Spice. Turmeric can put Herpes Viruses in remission. I take one capsule three times a day. You can get it in any health food store for about $10.

    Prednisone definitely weakens your immune system so that might be your culprit. Not that I think Prednisone is a good choice for Poison Ivy, but it SHOULD have gotten rid of the Ivy rash. Turmeric won't do anything for the Ivy rash, as far as I know.

    My son has had TONS of poison ivy, sumac, to where he was on steroids as a young kid. Along with the rash he would get deforming, dangerous swelling. He doesn't have to use the steriods anymore. His favorite treatments are Oatmeal soaks and calamine lotion along with various antihistimines. Also, I once read that cutting watermellon down to the rind and rubbing it on the rash, will keep the rash from progressing. You probably know that Ivy rashes get progressively worse for 10 days, then get progressively better for 10 days. 3 weeks of misery. He tried this 10 years ago and I remember thinking it helped, but don't remember how well.

    Hope you get through this easily and quickly.
  4. ~jean~

    ~jean~ New Member

    I went back to the doctor, no ran back more is the word. The rash was spreading by the hour.
    Doc said not shingles as was on both sides.
    Thought was not on strong enough prednisone treatment.
    Yesterday was day 9 for this stuff.
    And no I was not aware that with poison ivy that it continues to get worse for 10 days and then progresses.
    But actually, the poison ivy had cleared and it was a secondary reaction I was dealing with like was mentioned earlier in this post.
    The secondary rash came the day I got the shot and on that same side.
    Now here I am on even stronger prednisone but what else to do?
    The rash was hot to the touch and red and what a horrible itch!
    I've had this before in the past. 30 years ago. Started with a plant dermatitis and ended with reaction to the treatment just like this.
    So what would of been the better way for me to treat something like this knowing my sensitive disposition?
    This lesson is good because I am learning the better way.
    I will share this...I discovered some soap we had was the best to use for this condition. It is "Auromere Sandlewood-Turmeric with Neem". Husband has been using it for quite sometime so thought I'd give it a try. So soothing.
    I had read if it were shingles that sandlewood and turmeric were good for that and then someone on this posted listed turmeric as well.
    I had tried using my supplements to help this situation but none did.
    Maybe just didn't have the right ones? I dunno.

    I am just sure someone has written a book out there about things to keep in the medicine cabinet for such emergencies. For me I order things online so would of taken time and needed to get on it immediately.
    I am planning on purchasing a new medicine cabinet for natural remedies and place to keep such information as well.
    I hope I can help someone someday with all I am learning.
    You have all been helping me.
    Keep sharing!

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