treating adrenal fatigue

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    Hi all,
    i am pretty sure my adrenals are shot at!!.
    I have read all the great posts about the topic and decided i need to get sorted.
    Who would be the best person to see to treat me,i am a uk sufferer,unfortunatly.
    Any advice would be ace
    Take care all
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    treating my adrenal fatigue has definately helped me. be warned it can be a long slow process, but definately worth it. first you should really learn about it yourself on websites, and or books about it. dr lam has a website. so does James Wilson. other sites too. books- "adrenal fatigue- the 212st century illness" by wilson is great. cheap on amazon.

    then you will need to find a naturopath dr in your area who can treat you. very important if he/she can order a saliva test with 4 samples, to get your cortisol readings.
    somemtimes these drs can do all this over the phone. mine did.

    heres a great idea- lookup my dr- dr neville at clymer healing center in pennsylvania. ask them if they recommend a dr in UK. and also a saliva testing lab. or maybe dr neville himself can treat you???? totally call or email them.

    oh by the way- technicallly you should see a regular endocrinologist first and have your thyroid and adrenals tested. just keep in mind that most endos dont know about or believe in the concept and treatment of adrenal fatigue. pathetic, i know. but seeing and endo and getting tested would rule of any severe adrenal problems, like addisons or cushings, etc.

    best of luck
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    A chiropractor who did muscle testing (also called kinesology) helped me a lot with my adrenals. He also gave me a product by Standard Process (like Jaminhealth), but what I took was called Drenatrophin PMG, an adrenal glandular product. This helped me a great deal. Also had to take a good vitamin B complex and extra pantothenic acid. Also, avoid alcohol, caffeine and sugar.

    If I were you I would look for someone skilled in muscle testing or a naturopath. And a naturopath can order the saliva test mentioned above, which can be very helpful.

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