Treating fibromyalgia with mindfulness-based stress reduction:

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    This paper is being published in Science direct:

    This quote "I'm surprised it didn't work better than it did," Dr. Alex Zautra, a professor in psychology at Arizona State University in Tempe, told Reuters Health. Dr. Zautra, who was not involved in the study, said he would have expected better results since people with fibromyalgia would seem to be good candidates for the mind-body therapy.

    When oh when are people going to realize that most fibromyalgia is an immune system disorder related to or a consequence of ME/CFS and that if the immune system is rattling the hell out of the pain system then no "mindfulness" will make much difference other than a slight reduction in pain through relaxation. CBT has virtually no effect, other than helping a patient cope better with their illness and not make it worse by catastrophizing (fearing unhealthy outcomes).
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    +1 !!!


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