treating for candida and more fatigue or less...

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    Hi all,

    Been having a tough time lately--external family stresses are taking its toll--think that might be settling down now though--i hope.

    Anyway--I know I have to treat for candida. It's just everytime I try--I get more fatigued. My sinuses hurt and I'm constantly exhausted.

    The FFC have been trying to help me but no luck yet--keep getting useful info/test results--yet no change since started in Feb. I think that something will help at some point. I just have to have faith. I've read here where alot of you guys do feel better at times--so I'm hopeful too.

    Here's what I am going to try:
    -StormSkye's shake
    -See if can sleep under control--since study
    said no stage 3 or 4.
    --some type of candida treatment
    --Hyperbaric oxygen treatment
    --B12 weekly shots

    Here's what hasn't worked so far:
    -Alkaline diet--made me really sick--think it detoxed
    me too quick
    --Coconut oil(allergic to coconut)
    --Myers Ivs

    The only thing I can really recommend that has helped with previous health problems and keeps me from getting worse is colon hydrotherapy. Google it if you are not familiar.

    Happy 4th. Hope someone can send encouragement my way.
    I could really use it.