treating shingles in CFIDS patients

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Britarchivist, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. Britarchivist

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    my mom has had cfids ever since her cancer about 4-5 yrs agho. Yesterday she was diagnosed as havign shingles. She has the lesions on her face chin and in her mouth. What are the treatments for CFIDS patients? She has been getting headaches from the Acylovir and is not even on the full dose of 5 800mg tabs a day. Shes baan taking 1/2 tabs
    Has anyone had expirence with shingles in CFIDS patiensts

    sorry cant type today am tired
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    I had shingles about three years ago. I took Valtrex 1g/3X a day. That was before I started taking Valtrex for FM.
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    I should add, the acylovir is giving her excruitiating headaches,she has been taking some acetometphen for the pain but only small doses, like 150 mg so it doesnt mess up her stomach, also, if the headaches get to bad, then shell get nauseaus and vomit...then cant take anything.....
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    Hello, hope this helps SHINGLES!!!!!!!!!!!! well i have had them off and on since 2001.....most of the time i could keep them at a minimum until about a year ago...this past april thru august (both "a" months) just realized that,,,hmmmmm. anyway i tried all the over counter remedies and of course alternative means

    ........these were bad almost drove me nuts..pain you wouldn't to the point... i found a product that actually gave me some relief twenty minutes after i took two pills. its at your local health food store and this wonderful homeopathic life saver is called "CLEAR SHINGLES" it is also used for herpes and uti's.... you can query online also for their website!!!

    had to take for a month or so but its $14.99 for 60 capsules and thats alot cheaper then valtrex and others. drink lots of water and read the contents to make sure you don't have some contradictions with other meds. i start to feel the tingling and i pop 2 3x's a day for about 5 days and no outbreaks. sure hope this helps as we have enough to deal pain was so bad i have residual nerve to you debi
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    Your mom's headache is probally not from acyclovir. The shingles are not only in the visable areas, they can be on the nerves inside. I know, I have recurrent shingles on the right side of my face. This last bout was very miserable. I seem to be in the 2% range of the 20% of people who get shinges in that I have a really bad time with the post herpetic neuralgia. I also have recurrent Epstien Barr which possibly is affecting my immune system and allowing the shingles virus (Herpes 3)to reactivate. After my 2nd bout with viral meningits in '90 I just did not see the recovery I had hoped for. The last 13 years and after my 4th child I have been in a steady decline in my physical condition. But in this time I went back to college and took the biotech program. I am facinated by viruses. I am a firm beleiver in the "fact" that new viruses we come in contact with can reactivate old latent viruses, mainly the herpes viruses. There are 8 of them that affect humans. Most everyone has antibodies to the more common ones like HHV1-cold sores, HHV3-chicken pox/shingles. Check out the links below.

    I consider myself a 'somewhat' self taught expert on the facial neuralgias because I've been diagnoses with so many different opinions on my facial pain from docs. It is not easy to be sure exactly what causes my facial pain when there is not evidence of recent shingles outbreak. I keep the pain, sometimes it gets so bad I can hardly stand it. Ramsey Hunt syndrome was mentioned this last time I had the shingles 8/6/05 because of facial muscle weakness. I picked apart and researched every diagnosis I was given and others I was not. It became apparent that the docs really did'nt know what exactly it was or is. Just this last round of illness did my primary doc's PA do labwork for the different viruses and found the Epstein Barr and CMV in action. So CFS was also added to the list of probabilities.
    Anyway, back to your mom's shingles and the meds. I feel it is very, very important for her to continue to take the acyclivor or maybe change it to Valtrex. I just finished 3 rounds of Valtrex 1gm 3x a day. The headache and miserable pain is most likely caused more from the shingles and nerve inflammation than it would be from the antivirals. Could possibly be from another med she may be on, if any. But I know the pain that the inflammation of cranial nerves can cause.
    Give my best wishes to your mom and tell her to hang tough and follow her docs orders and take the meds.
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    I forgot to mention that the virus in it's full blown stage can cause the nausea and vomiting. That is the way mine began this last time. It took a few days before the blisters broke out and I realized what it was.
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  8. Britarchivist

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    Ok, now she has a "rowly" churning stomach, according to her, the nausea and rowly stomach didnt start until she started taking the acylovir, and that the churning rowly feeling she has is the type she usually had when other meds fuct up her stomach.

    Im just so pissed right now at this whole thing. I want a freakin healthy mother.
    BTW anyone know what works to cure a grumpy tummy? Good food suggestions?

    OK I went to those linx, and a side effect of most of those drugs is nasuea and headache. anyone know which ones are the least difficult on stomachs?

    Ok, well now shes throwing up.
    If her stupid insurance had been willing to cover the original prescription, valacilovir, she wouldnt be in there puking right now, and would be further along, you know it said on those sites that aclivor does the least good, and most shit.See the government thinks that she should take the cheaper one that eats up her stomach and makes her sick.[This Message was Edited on 10/27/2005]

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