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    found a site and it's called "the issels treatment". his location is in the UK and in arizona. his major treatment programs are for cancer. (GET OUT THE MEDICAL DICTIONARY BEFORE READING ON), LOL. he founded the 1st hospital specializing in the immunobiological treatment of advanced cancer that had exhausted all conventional treatments AND non-responsive CHRONIC DEGENERATIVE DISEASES such as fm, cfs, etc. his m.o. is to "restore the immune mechanisms to formal function by individualized preps from the patient's own blood and body fluids that represent his/her own unique internal environment. the preps follow procedures that favor the development of immunogenic compounds that help restore the body's disease fighting mechanisms". he developed what is called an "autologous vaccine". this is one which is partially developed by using one's own blood etc. i found this fascinating as i am always scanning for more info. interesting that fm, cfs is factored in his cancer studies. also stated " for more that a century, international researchers have precisely documented certain microorganisms in human blood, body fluids and tissues which were highly "pleomorphic", i.e. they can appear in various developmental stages and in diverse forms while maintaining their essential characteristics. when the host terrain deteriorates, they have been observed to transform from primitive structures into higher cyclogenetic structures. they can become pathogenic and may be causative or contributory factors in the development of malignancies, various CHRONIC DEGENERATIVE DISEASES AND IMMUNE DISORDERS." also indicating there are microorganisms that are thought to be causitive or co-factors in the formation of immune disorders. the effort is to help the patient's immune system to fight these diseases. i am going to call them...i'm sure they don't take insurance and this costs and arm and a leg...which i really can't afford right now LOL. but thought maybe someone is interested in the research.
    take care all and think positive thoughts.
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    the name is Josef M. Issels. he is deceased however his son has taken over the research