Treatment for Adrenal Insuffiency?

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  1. Plantscaper

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    I wondered if anyone thinks that there is a particularly good treatment for adrenal insuffiency. I have ordered the Adrenal Energy supplements (which includes DHEA and Prenelone) from Prohealth, but don't know if that is effective..Please, need help on this one~~~~~~AMELIA
  2. rebeccavw

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    There is agood book on Adrenal Fatigue called

    Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st-Century Stress Syndrome
    James L. Wilson

    This has lots of advice on supplements and diet to help this. I don't have it but have read about it.

  3. kadywill

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    I can get on this. I have just been diagnosed with this due to chronic steroid use for my "other" condition. Please post a separate message concerning this, if you will...anyone!!!
  4. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    Thanks for the book seems I am living at the library, now with all the good suggestions..Haven't tackled this adrenal issue, though..

    I was, just thinking about the Immunovir..Maybe, it takes a while for the immune system to rebalance, but I don't think Cheney gave us that information..It might be too soon for your immune system to combat those "bugs" who must have...

    Also, with the OLE, you will probably have a herxheimer reaction, initially, if it is killing off some pathogens..Do you know about the "herxing" effects?

  5. praisingHim

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    I doctor can order an adrenal test. I go to an integrative doc. and his nurse drew blood, then gave me a shot of something, like corisol (sp?) and then redrew my blood. My adrenal glands were fine, but if they were not, he was going to put me on low dose Cortef. A man by the name of Jeffries (not sure of his first name) has done lots of studies on this.
  6. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    Do you think that a conventional doc would not test for this? Would one have to find an "integrative doc"? Thanks for the help~~~~~~AMELIA
  7. pinkquartz

    pinkquartz New Member

    i am currently on a 2 week trial of low dose cortisol to help build up my adrenal glands. I had a saliva test and also a blood test done first.

    i recommend you to read Dr. Teitlebaum's book From Fatigued to Fantastic. He has some good info. Also a really brilliant book with other advice and other types of treatments called Tired of Being Tired by Dr Jesse Lynn Hanley and Nancy Deville. Its all about adrenal burnout and its full of info and advice.

    I know liquorice extract is helpful but i think you are best working with a practioner of some kind and getting tests done.

    I have support from a nutrionist and my doctor is giving me the cortisol as a trial, i am hoping to get somewhere with this.
    Can i ask you whats prompted you to take stuff to help? At the moment i think this is like a really importent step for me to take.


  8. Plantscaper

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    was not sure conventional docs would handle this, and It seems that I have to do all the homework, anyways, so I have been trying to educate myself (don't have insurance, either, had to drop when it became $465/month)..

    I have been reading in the Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine about the adrenals and stress..I think I have most of the symptoms of adrenal..One of my first symptoms was hypoglycemia, which is what happens when glucocorticoid stores get depleted..I had been under constant and prolonged stress as an overworked and underpaid mental health counselor..I, also, was tested and diagnosed with Malapsorption Syndrome, and they indicated I had no hydrochloric acid to digest nutrionally, I was at "death's door"..and was diagnosed with active CMV, EBV, which were the only two tested at that time..and Candida.

    What are the tests that are used to diagnose Adrenal problems? and what kind of doc do you see for this? I have read about and had good nutrional habits, but probably have not digested it, well, which I am working on now with digestive enzymes and probiotics. Thanks for your suggestions regarding particular books as I am devoting a lot of my time towards education, since I cannot afford and have not been able to find a lot of good physician help..

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  9. Jasmine

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    Hello Amelia,
    I have been under the treatment of Dr. Poesnecker for adrenal insufficiency for three years. I would recommend his book "Chronic Fatigue Unmasked 2000" which is sold on his website.

    Some of the supplements I take for adrenal insufficiency are licorice, adrenal cortex extract drops, adrenal fractions, 7-keto DHEA, pregnenolone, etc.

    I would recommend you take an Adrenal Stress Index Test before you start self-medicating yourself as it is important to test your DHEA and cortisol level before taking these nutritional supplements.

    Love, Jasmine
  10. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    I looked up the website, to which you are referring, and read that he does online work with people..but to do this test, you would need to do it with a doc, with physical presence, would'nt you? It sounds like he puts a lot of emphasis on the adrenal part of CFS..Has it helped you a lot to be treated for that, and in what way, do you feel better?

    Thanks for your educated responses,
  11. Plantscaper

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    Yes, I read that report on pregnenolone that you posted, in particular..and it sounded that it is what I probably need, especially because I am going through perimenopause and I am not going to be taking any HRT..

    Have you any experience with it, in particular? I read the ingredients of the Adrenal Energy from Prohealth and it has 50 mg of Pregnenolone..and other supportive ingredients..However, from the info provided, today, and from other sources, I am going to do more reading and wonder if I need the testing, as suggested by some, and finding someone to guide me with the appropriate treatment..I have heard, before, that you should be careful with DHEA..and the Adrenal Energy has l0 that a high dosage, or do you have to be on a specific dosage for your body, anyone?

    Ok, Sunny, just found Sue's article on the subject. Haven't read much as my brain is now drained..but are you suggesting that it is a safer avenue than the DHEA, and will make the needed DHEA, if too low? and therefore, you just recommend the Preg..

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  12. Lynda B.

    Lynda B. New Member

    we are testing mine now.

    I noticed no one mentioned an ACTH test which can be critical.

    One's cortisol test can be perfectly normal. It is often accepted by doctors that then your adrenal function is fine.

    However,in case after case, the cortisol level is fine but the adrenal glands ARE NOT working properly.

    An ACTH test includes blood withdrawal, then an injection and then two more blood withdrawals 30 minutes apart.Thhis gives a more accurate picture of how your adrenals are functioning.

    I am NO expert. It just so happens that I am doing this as we speak so I was reading up on it.

    Be sure and get it that internet and see if this applies to you if you are interested.

    Lynda B.
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  13. Plantscaper

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    I hope it is the answer..It would be nice to have a simple positive change for once..these DDs just seem to grow beyond all reasoning...and I am sick of doctors who really cannot grasp beyond the superficial of our diseases..If I could conquer these DDs by just going to the health food store, I would..but I'm afraid I don't know enough about all the various solutions there..

    But, I'll check out your recommendation and thank you for stopping by to let me know about it..Please let me know if you continue to feel that it is working for you..

    My most healing activity is gardening and I need to get back to the pure and sheer joy of it, to return to my roots, so to speak..Do you feel that positive energy the plants exude?:)

    I got fairly depressed this past weekend, because I wanted to go to this Annual Cacti/Succulent Society of America Show, that is presented in Denver (and driving is really hectic there)..I could not allow myself to go based on the observation/critique of my current driving attentional abilities..or the lack thereof..We have had near misses, there, when other people drive...and I had a wreck a few months, ago, which haunts me still...

    Well, thanks for stopping by and I have enjoyed many of your posts..Hope that book gets published..I have, in the past, been thinking about writing a plant book..

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  14. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    What kind of doc can perform the ACTH? Did you do a search on the internet just using the words, Adrenal Insufficiency?

    Thanks for the information....AMELIA
  15. Jasmine

    Jasmine New Member

    Hello Amelia,
    Since being treated by Dr. Poesnecker, I have more energy, less dizzy, and better mood. I was completely bedridden when I went to see him in person but now I'm much more functional. I have seen him several times over the years as I am originally from Pennsylvania. He treats people worldwide by phone or through e-mail. He is an incredible doctor.

    He can mail you an Adrenal Stress Index Test and you pay $99 to Diagnos-Tech in Washington State and $30 consultation fee to him. You take the test at home as it is a saliva test and mail it to the lab. In two weeks you will receive the results from the doctor and you can call him for consultation.

    I am taking 50 mg 7-keto DHEA and 30 mg Pregnenolone as directed by the doctor and I feel much better. First he did start me on just the pregnenolone at a higher dosage but I
    don't think that converted to DHEA as it should so I had to go on the 7-keto DHEA. He finds the 7-keto has no side effects while the DHEA has some minor side effects like sore breasts and unnatural hair growth,etc.

    Love, Jasmine
  16. Spoonerpaws

    Spoonerpaws New Member

    I asked my PCP to run the ACTH test

    He sent me as outpatient to the hospital and the test takes about 1 hour

    My adrenals APPEARED to be fine

  17. pinkquartz

    pinkquartz New Member

    i am on a very low dose, as per Teitlebaum's book.
    but also i did run this past Madwolf who also says this is a safe low dose, so are you sure it would put adrenals to "sleep". I thought it boosts cos its needed to restore a diminished function.

    I think the different approaches are interesting.

    how is the homoeopathic med doing Lifedancer ?

    What is the difference betwen 7-keto DHEA and just DHEA ? i really want to know, anyone?

  18. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    It seems there is a lot to explore and think about and, as always, not an easy simple answer..but thanks for taking the time to discuss the subject...

  19. roro

    roro New Member

    I tested low in cortisol and low in DHEA. My dr did the ACTH stimulation test, and I failed that (that shows it is true adrenal insufficiency, not secondary) I tried the natural remedies, adrenal support herb, and adrenal cortex, but they did not work. I tried a low dose cortef 7.5 mg in the am and 5 mg in the afternoon. I got immediate relief. I felt better than ever. It was amazing. I really thought this was it! I finally found a cure for my fatigue! I felt better for a whole month. Then this past week I have backslided a little. i am having low-grade fever off and on. My dr is doing more tests, testing my thyroid, and some other things. I dont know if it stop working or I am just sick. but i do feel good for at least parts of the day.
  20. Lynda B.

    Lynda B. New Member

    Not too long ago there were several articles encouraging those with FMS to have an ACTH test done.

    Since...this is the person who does stuff like cholosterol, various gland disorders with the pituitary and such, if you have diabetes that is who you would see and on and on, they are the ones who test your body's ability to function in those areas. As you know, the debate about whether FMS is nerve related, endocrine related, areas of the brain that don't function or communicate clearly, etc. or a combination of many things this certainly has been an endo thing for me though I know not as much for others.

    PCP's don't do this test. They refer one to an endo. The problem that often a PCP gets back a "normal" cortisol reading and won't send you to an endo. This is not the best diagnosing at this time especially depending on what other symptoms you have.

    Lynda B.