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    My doctor is trying to find a medicine that will help with my cognitive dysfunction, I am a pharmacist and haven't worked in over 2 years. Zyprexa was wonderful but caused my triglyceride levels to quadruple so I couldn't stay on it. Next we tried Risperdal which has a side effect of myalgia and we already have enough of that. Next she is thinking of trying Geodon and I am going to ask her about a drug called Abilify. Has anyone out there found a medication that really improves their cognitive function? I'm starting to feel a little desperate, also I have had fibro since 1988 which was diagnosed by an orthopedic surgeon. Pretty impressive back then. Linda
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    The only thing I know that has really impressive results with cognitive dysfunction is Neurobiofeedback. More and more Neurologists are learning how to do it, so you might check around where you live and see if anyone is offering it.
    Medicine wise, I have been on this Board a long while, and Klonopin seems to be the most popular for helping brain function. There is a good article by Paul Cheney, M.D. in the library here that explains why Klonopin and drugs like it are effective. Of course, Klonopin is a benzodiazepiene, and thus offers addictive potential.
    That is why, if you have the money, I would go for Neurobiofeedback instead. (It is not covered by insurance.)
    My doctor believes fixing our neurotransmitter deficiencies will restore cognitive function, and he has me working up to high doses of 5-HTP and L-tyrosine with cofactors of L-lysine and vitamn B6 to help absorption. The product is called NeuroReplete. I cannot testify whether this works or not, as I am nowhere near the effective dose yet.
    This is one of the most frustrating parts of our illness, and the one which has played the largest part in keeping me out of the work force. As a Pharmacist, there is no room at all for fibro-fog, that's for sure!
    I hope you find help soon,
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    Strattera 60mgs saved my life and sanity. I also take 200 mgs of Provigil. By far the Strattera has made the biggest difference.
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    my cognitive dysfunction...aka: brain fog....was quickly reversed as soon as I started a liver detox and a very restricted diet.

    A week and a half ago I ran out of the next stage detox product (for leaky gut) and only got it today. a few days ago the headches, digestive upset and slight fog began to creep in. By today when I went to the grocery, I could not decipher what door to go into........ARGHHHHH!!!

    I will not run out of that sort of thing again!! it is all I can attribute it to since all other variables are the same as before I ran out of the stuff.....this fog is all too familiar from all the months before I found the naturopathic doctor.

    Good luck!
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    I was so bad that I would have taken Snake Oil. I would have caught and squeezed the snake myself. Fortunately before I found a snake, a friend raved about Questran so now I am the Questran Queen. Just love the stuff but can't remember the generic name. It helped reduce my FM symptoms. Another thing that has helped is Vit B12 shots. I do them weekly. You could do a search on Chronic Neurotoxins for info on Questran to treat FM. Yes it is a cholestrol lowering drug but it also removes the neurotoxins that can cause FM symptoms.
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    I asked the same question a while back and got some good answers. One of the threads that remained throughout was getting enough sleep. There is a product called ZMA that was recommended to me and is available on the website. Click on the Store tab. I guess it is specially formulated for fibro patients. Another strong suggestion was calcium, magnisium, and B12.

    Joy, I can't believe your docs told you that fibro doesn't have cognitive sypmtoms. Whose JAMA have they been reading?

    I am still in the mist but trying to find my way out. Just so tired.
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    My Dr. has me on Strattera, too. Believe me when I say, it has been a life saver for me. This is a medication for people with ADHD, and also for the treatment of fms/cfs. It helps me put in the 50 to 60 hr weeks in a factory. I have noticed an improvement in my cognitive problems also. I also take Vivactril (a cousing to Elivil). It also helps with the energy thing, besides helping with depression and anxiety.

    I have been tooting about this med for a month now. It is a great medication!


    God Bless!
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    Notice how these symptoms remind you of Attention Deficit?

    I do not have ADD, but took Concerta anyway and it saved my life and probably my job. My brain problems decreased by about 70% . At that time I started a new job with 3 weeks of solid training, and actually got through it okay ! (small miracle)

    I was able to discontinue it after 6 months or so, and have held fairly steady ever since. That was over a year ago.

    Just some food for thought
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    I combine coQ 10 w/ ACL carnitine. The combo has helped w/ brain function.

    treating infections has also helped. My cortisol levels have tested, high, which is not the norm in FM CFS etc. I find that magnesium, L-theanine (amino acid that I nicknamed "peace in a pill", and taurine have helped normalize HIGH cortisol levels. Letchin has also helped, and on occassion, DHA.