treatment for fibro with questran

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    I posted several times about Lyme-- which is what I have recently been diagnosed-- after 20 years of a diag with RA and then 19 with fibro. I am now on meds for Lyme and herx every time I increase the dosage which means we are on the right track.-- The important thing that I read in Dr. Shoemaker's book" Desperation Medicine" which deals with ALL toxin mediated illnesses is that fibro is in his opinion a toxin-mediated illness and can be treated with questran(trade name) an old cholestrol med which according to my nurse daughter is a binder and binds to fats-- apparently it also binds to toxins( WHEN TAKEN WITHOUT FOOD) and helps fibro.Dr. Shoemaker has a chapter in his book that deals with this. He has had success with questran-- but when fibros stop taking it-- symptoms come back--leading him to believe that fibros make their own toxins--A Lyme literate Doctor would be familiar with this protocol-- so if you can get a Lyme doctor even though you do not have Lyme it may help.--My symptoms are so close to fibro that I wonder if I have both! Lyme people suffer as much pain as fibros I believe.Questran is cheap so it would be worth a try but it may be important to get a Lyme doc to treat it.What is there to lose?-- since no other treatment seems to be the magic cure. MaBear