Treatment for FM/CFS- pain gone in three months at Holtorf Medical Center

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  1. I have both. I had to have a pacemaker due to cardiac pauses, neurocardiogenic syncope, and bradycardia. I no longer pass out and it has been over a year. I still have horribly low blood pressure often diastolic in the 30's. I am on florinef, midodrine, and cortisol, pyridostigmine bromide and drink 4 liters of water a day. I am called extreem in the CFS area with 6 reactivated infections CMV virus, Shingles (from herpes), mycoplasma, cliymidial pneumonia,epstine-barr and candia. I was given 8 months of treatments at Holtorf Medical cernter ( and was still in a lot of pain although energy was better. THey put me on gamma globulin injections for three months when other things did not work. I am no longer on vicodin, oxycodone, oxycontin or any other prescriptions for pain. I have been off the shots a few weeks. The doctor said that I will not need to go back on them as the three months is en ought time to help my immune system kill off the mono and other infections. My cervical lymph glads are much less swollen. I used to feel them when I talked or swallowed. I have severe arthritis with spondylosis in my neck. THat chronic inflamation can cause that.
    Long story short, I nearly lost my life with CFS/ FM and I was able to get out of pain. YOu should ask you doctor about gamma globulin injections weekly for three months. also has a wonderful site to read about other things. Go for it at feel better.--Cheryl
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    Only being a few weeks off the shots isn't really enough time to determine what the effects will be long term for you. It would be better to wait for a full year to see what the long term effect is of the shots and if the shots actually cure the pain or only relieve it for short periods of time while on the shots.

    I'm happy you have some relief, but before you get too happy, get time without the shots under your belt to see if it will last. Good luck.
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    and hope it lasts...or at least don't have to be repeated too often.

    Back in the day, these types of shots were used alot to boost the immune system. I'm talking 25 years ago.

    Thanks for sharing! I don't think you are suppose to put your email address in you post but since you aren't selling anything...maybe it is ok.


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    I'm glad that you have no more Fibromyalgia in 3 months , Have it ever occur to you that you was having all those pain problems because of your heart? Now that you have a pace maker that most of the pain has vanished because the main source was your heart , and you had other infections going on . people don't die from fibromyalgia they just feel awful ,and everybody has different effect with fibromyalgia and some vitamins and medication might work for others and some may not .you nearly lost your life because of the infections you had that contribute to fibromyalgia. Almost everyone who has fibromyalgia also has some other condition that contribute to fibromyalgia like osteoarthritis already or a bad fall/trauma or an infection of some sort or a disease thats ongoing . I took a good look at my history and notice that my osteoarthritis is the number one reason I have fibromyalgia ,Why I say that because I was in a domestic violence situation got knocked down very hard on my buttock and hip which injured my lumbar and sacrum it did not show up right away in x-rays or MRI's but as years passed on and I worked on my back pulling up people in bed wearing and tearing at my lumbar and sacrum it got worse which made my whole body ache with trigger points and morning pain and stiffness, I believe if I never been knocked down to the ground I would be in good health this had happened in 1999 i been diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2003.
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