Treatment for sore throat?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by blossom4761, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. blossom4761

    blossom4761 New Member

    Has anyone tried conventional, or unconventional ways to take care of that sore throat feeling? I have no idea what works specifically for this one problem. I hate to take one "overall" pill such as my elavil, which addresses the sleeping, but the other fun stuff that comes with FM just baffles me when I stand there in the docs office and want a solution to this sore throat problem, without having to take ANOTHER "overall" pill! Geez, can't a girl get a break? I have to communicate with people on my job, but when my throat gets sore, I dont want to talk much (which by the way my bf prefers, lol). Yeah, I have done the thyroid pill path, the sleeping meds path, the OTC path...asked questions...but isnt there a couple of general remedies that work and don't cause those lovely side effects. I ain't even gonna bother asking what causes the sore throat, been there done that, got nowhere. Just glad that today I can at least form a cognitive thought without feeling too much fibrofog. Thanks
  2. jmblknit

    jmblknit New Member

    hi i have this sore throat thing occasionally. i drink warm lemonade. works great for me

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