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Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by lagf, Nov 19, 2006.

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    I read on this site all of the difficulty that is happening due to lyme. My daughter was not treated because an expensive GROUP of doctors did not have the right tests and were not lyme aware. We have and are still going through hell.....
    I have things I want to share with you.....
    If you do not have a lyme aware doctor, get one.
    this bug is too complex for the medical community much less a doctor that is not aware.
    If you have had it for more then three months and not feeling better.....get a new doctor.
    There will be a new drug on the market. My daughter failed 7 months of heavy antibiotics....and now seven months of cumanda. The bug out smarted .....
    Bonderall is the drug coming soon. Similar to cumanda but more potent.
    Also....see if you can find info on a rife machine. We are trying it to help the fight.
    Also reccommended is infrared kills bugs. I do think you need a lyme aware doctor to help with these
    items. Do not go out on your on without medical advise.
    Hope this helps all of you.

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    and I hope you see results soon.
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    I am new to the lyme life, was just got the news 3 weeks ago. I have done the doxycycl and 20 days of prednisone for the pain. I'm back on the prednisone because the pain is still in my joints and it's unbearable. I'm so afraid the pain won't go away when i stop the meds. My life as I know it will be over. I have no one to talk to about this. Your letter gave me hope. thanks
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    i realize you are in pain, but a lyme literate doctor would know that prednisone is one of the worst things you can prescribe for a patient with lyme. you are not the first person i have heard this happening to but neither of their doctors were use to treating lyme either. you might want to seek out a new doctor who will wean you off the prednisone - which makes lyme worse and actually allows it to go deaper into you tissues by suppressing your immune system - and start to treat your pain in a more productive way
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    Joanb2 & anyone else who needs to hear this,

    I just want to encourage you to keep hope. A friend of mine had lyme so bad she couldn't drive herself anywhere and was just really ill all the time. She came close to dying at least once. She is living a full life. I have seen her transform over the past 1.5-2 years or so to a pretty normal life. She's not totally well yet but close. I think it's the fact that she's held onto hope, pushed, gotten her treatments, done her homework, most importantly she's kept the faith. Her belief and reliance on God is so strong and I thnk that has been a huge part of her recovery.

    Today happens to be an ok day for me. If we can all encourage each other on our good days, then I think it will help us through our bad days... We can and will do it. I fully believe I WILL get well. Trust me, I have a LOT of bad days and wonder how I will make it physically, financially, emotionally, etc. Many days I feel I could just stay in bed forever.... Not by choice as you know. But we have to keep getting up doing what will help us, believing we are worth the fight.. Because that is what will bring us back to life.

    I just found out I have lyme disease also nearly 2 weeks ago. It's been labeled cfs and fibromyalgia since i became ill. I normally post on cfs/fibro board. This is my first post here. I have probably had it for 16 years, 13 years ago it started causing major problems in normal life for me. I had rocky mtn spotted fever 16 yrs ago is why we think I got lyme then too.

    Ok, I will shut up now. I hope this helps someone.