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    I haven't been here in quite a while. I tried not to dwell on my fibro since I could do nothing about it. My husband & I were trying to have one more baby and due to my MC history the doctors did not want me taking anything while trying to conceive and pg. Well, baby is here and since she is the last one I want to get working on the fibro so I can handle & enjoy these little ones..

    One of the treatments I heard of a couple of years ago I either can not find or fibro fog has already kicked back in and I'm remembering the name wrong. Hoping someone here can help. I thought it was called Vilactin or Vialactin but when submitted into a search engine i get nothing and I know that was not the case before. It was similar to the prolactin that females produce while pg (which they thought/think is why pg women have no trouble with FM) but it is what is produced in pigs which is 4 times greater than that of humans.

    Anyone recall this and can shed some light please? I also recall that it was not a *drug* but yet only doctors & pharmacists could get it. Thanks in Advance!


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    I think what you want is Vitalactin.
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    Hi Susan, welcome back, and congratulations on the new baby.

    The name is; 'Vitalaxin'(it sounds like what you are looking for), it is sold here at Pro Health. Just go to the 'Store' link, and type it in. There is a good write up on it, plus price, etc.

    Let us know how you are doing, and don't be a stranger, but I do know you will be busy with the new baby!

    Shalom, Shirl

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    I guess I wasn't totally off on the name! I'm so glad to see it is far more available than it was last time I looked it up!!! Think I may seriously look into trying this course since I was virtualy pain free while pg (minus normal pg aches).

    Thanks also for the welcome back! I stay awfully busy (president of my local MOMS Club, run a couple of message boards & numerous websites) but I have found this website to be my best resource for fibro. I'm so glad it (and you all) are here.

    {{{Gentle Hugs}}}