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    Top of the morning to you all! I've missed all of you this past week. I have not written because I have been in a "flare up" that just won't let up! Oh the pain! :)

    You all remember the pool therapy that I just started? Well it was all good on my first day...you know a new experience....hoping that something positive would come out of it.

    Well let's see......it's been about 4 visits now and it seems that everytime I leave, I have a real bad "flare up." I'm still trying to recover from the therapy and flare up of past Friday.

    Also,I was in the pool and I had an anxiety attack. Why you might ask? Because first of all, I've been blessed to understand the spanish language and all I kept hearing was so much negativity from the other patients such as this hurts, I've tried this, there is no cure etc....I felt as though I was in a chicken coupe hearing the chickens yack, yack, yack. I mean, they were just sitting on the stairs of the pool doing nothing but comparing pain! How the heck do they want to get better by sitting on the pool stairs complaining? It is so hard to deal with this since I am so used to reading such positive postings from this board and then to hear all the negativity....it just made me break down in tears and I was at the point of passing out in the water. I keep telling myself that I could have felt this way due to the chlorine in the water and the lack of ventilation....or even the temp of the water which was 96 degrees.

    Anyhoot, I explained this scenario to the therapist and she suggested that maybe I should change to another class which was not Fibro related....that way it would not bother me to hear the comments from other Fibro patients.

    Well, I went to my first class on Friday not Fibro related, and it was wonderful! I mean, I actually heard someone say, "So are you ready to swim to the shoreline?" I mean, just to hear those positive words come out from another patient even though they were not suffering from Fibro, gave me the courage to continue with the pool therapy. by the way.........Geez, I hate when I forget what the heck I was going to say! :)

    Anyhoot, what I have noticed lately is that I am having difficulties with my vision, thinking straight, can't put many words into a sentence at times and recently, I have been trembling all over from head to toe. It's as though I have a small current of electricty shooting all over my body which scares me because I can't control it. When it starts, it is in sinc, but when it stops my heart pounds even faster and I break out in a sweat. This has happened to me at least 3 times now. However, it usually lasts for about 5 to 10 minutes and then it's over. Hopefully its just an anxiety attack and nothing else. On Friday, I have a dr. appt with the Rheumy and he will hopefully tell me why the "shakes."

    Has this happened to anyone?