Tremor, Chills and ShakesBut no Fever

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Islebabe, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. Islebabe

    Islebabe New Member

    Dear Health Moderators and friends~~
    With CFS/ME comes OI and some long D word I never remember. But with CFS/ME I have had shivers, chills and shakes, but no fever. Also, I'll be having them and sweating buckets.
    What product would you recommend for me other than:
    The GreeN Powder Drink
    Olive Leaf Extract
    Herpes/Shingles Homeopathic
    Liquid Ultra MultiVitamin from LifeSource4Life
    Liquid Aloe Vera
    Liquid Collegen
    Vit. E
    B-12 Injection once a week
    Ok, so what for chills and shivers, the shaking is from the drugs I'm on and the illness, the chills and shivers from CFS/ fever? (From God)
    Excessive Sleepiness (mild narcolepsy)
    What else would you guys recommend in this mixed bag of good stuff?
    I believe that's it.
    Please answer asap!!
  2. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    Stay away from processed and fake food (especially msg and artificial sweeteners). Also try using an air purifier. I had the same thing happen a year ago. It was caused by chemicals.
  3. cct

    cct Member

    These symptoms (tremors, chills, shakes, no-fever, orthostatic intollerance, dysautonomia)can all be symptoms of CFS.

    I have had CFS for 20 years and I have experienced these symptoms, on and off, for all of the 20 years. I have tried all of the supplements that you have listed along with about 200 more. I still have CFS; I still have these symptoms; and I still keep trying supplements (and medicines) in an effort to deal with these (and other) symptoms.

    I wish that I could tell you what supplements to take for all of your symptoms, but I can't.
  4. Islebabe

    Islebabe New Member

    DST--That's what I thought, thanks I was just double-checking.
  5. GigglePoet

    GigglePoet New Member

    HI friend, I knowticed in your list that there is a Herpes?shingles homeopathic you are taking. I have some questions for you. Do you see a homeopathic? I don't see many here talking about seeing one. Also did you knowtice a difference when you started using the homeopathic? I am tring to find something besides taking the antiviral Valtrex. I have had 6 breakouts with what I thought was shingles this last year and can't seem to get off antiviral then resent tests say's it is Herpes 1 virus. I am getting the herpes leasons on my legs kneck and face. Do you get these.I am getting them very close to my eyes now and I am worried about my eyesight. If I try going off the anti viral..within 72 hours I am breaking out again and my lymphnodes swell and I start getting the chills real feels like the virus is taking over my body. I get that sever sleepiness two day's before my perioud and several day's at ovulation which makes me think it is severe sensitivity to my hormones, which at one time I did have to take desensitizing doses of estrodial and progesteron.

    God bless~ GigglePoet
  6. GigglePoet

    GigglePoet New Member

    Isa...I have CFS as well as Enviromental illness and have had them for 20 years as well
    ~ GigglePoet
  7. Islebabe

    Islebabe New Member

    Dear Giggle~~
    Yes they help, but I also take Famvir for Herpes 1 for Oral Herpes.
    However, I know things take time, and also I wanted a good product to fight off free radicals from the Western medication I've been on for a long time and because of the CFS.
    Lysine is really good also, but like I said, it takes time, at least 3 to 6 months and as much outbreakage as you have, I'd say at least 6, but again I am no Dr.
    If I were in your place after going to the Doc. and getting straight with a powerful anti-viral, get The Green Drink Powder from the store. It's awesome. I love it. If you could read the entire label, you'd see why. Again this is from experience shared and I am no Dr.
    As for you, I'm so very sorry that you are so sick with all those sores. I pray that you will get rid of those soon. Go with God and if more questions, let me know.~~Islebabe
  8. GigglePoet

    GigglePoet New Member

    Thanks islebabe...I so appreciate it. Can you tell me what the femvir is? and also, what is the green drink?

    God Bless ~ Dee
  9. Islebabe

    Islebabe New Member

    Famvir is like the same family as Valtrex, Valtrex is an antiviral and so is Famvir.
    You can get the Green Drink from Pro Health's store.
    Just go to the store and type in Green Powder and it will take you to all the powders and then you'll find it about 3 or 4 pictures down.
    You put 1 scoop in water or orange juice. Don't do the water, it's nasty. If you can tolerate orange juice full strength use that in a shaker cup with lid of some kind. 8 ozs. of Juice, and shake. If you can't drink regular orange juice, I just use Sunny Delight.
    Just try to remember that what works for me may not work for someone else and vice versa.
    I think with Sunny D, you will like it. Oh, and put the powder in first before the juice. Any other questions please let me know!! I'm more than glad to help.--Islebabe
  10. GigglePoet

    GigglePoet New Member

    Some of those symptoms can be that you may have hosimotos thyroiditis disease.You might want to check that out.

    God Bless!!!

    ~ Dee
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