Tremors with FMS?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Danett, Aug 23, 2003.

  1. Danett

    Danett New Member

    Do any of you have tremors? Example: my hands shake uncontrollably when I hold them out straight and shake when I'm reaching for something.

    Also- what about your reflexes. Doctor says mine are Hyper- nearly kicked him when he tested them!

    How are you on stairs? I can barely walk down the stairs because my legs tremble and are very weak- going up isn't so bad though? Anybody?

    I'm asking because I have a possible MS dx and am wondering if people with fibro have these things. Mostly I hear pain and stiffness with fibro. Which I do have! Yuk!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Pindooca

    Pindooca New Member

    Only over the past few weeks, I've been experiencing weakness in my arms/hands. This is very discouraging as I was just about to return to work--as a secretary! Now my hand feels numb on the mouse and my typing accuracy is horrible. (I had to correct a zillion mistakes in this.) And my hands have been shaking. Not a lot, but a little.

    My legs are in much better shape than my arms, although I am overweight. I do have some knee pain on climbing. I find if I climb at a slower rate of speed for any reason, my legs may tremble a bit.

    I can't say if I have hyper reflexes, but I do startle easily.
  3. libra55

    libra55 New Member

    Sometimes I have tremors when I first wake up in the morning. I wonder about it, too. Whether it's just FMS or something worse like MS.

  4. IgotYou

    IgotYou New Member

    I feel week and shakey often, and sometimes get tremors. My son asked me last night when I handed him something why my hand was shaking, and I hadn't even realized it was! My reflexes seem to be normal, though. It's scarry enough to have your body whacking out on you without the constand fear of MS! Yikes.
  5. MarilynK

    MarilynK New Member

    yes ,
    I have tremors, my hands shake and sometimes my body to.
    I have had this for a long time it comes and goes but i have it often.
    I was afraid it was parkinson, since m father had that
    but it wasent .
    My legs tremble also when i walk down stairs.
    It is the FMG.
    But you should allways get tested for everthing anyways
    just to rule out.
    Take care

  6. rbtheidmanhabs

    rbtheidmanhabs New Member

    Hi Danett!
    I have been wondering about the tremors as well.I have been having them for awhile now.I can be just laying there not doing anything and my feet&legs start to shake.Also it happens with my hands sometimes.Is this a common thing?My Rhuemy asked me about 4 months ago if I had started taking seizures yet and that is a scary thing.I wondering if this is the start of it.

  7. jyl

    jyl Member

    I have tremors in my arms and hands (it seems to get worse when I'm stressed or tired) I also have the hyper-reflexes and clonus (sp?) in both feet (when testing my reflexes if the doctor turned my foot a certain way it started moving on its own; I figured that wasn't supposed to happen when he called in interns and other doctors to watch!) I also had an MRI to rule out spinal cord damage and there was none.

    I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only one. It's embarrassing when other people notice my hands shaking and I don't have a reason why.

  8. Owlbird

    Owlbird New Member

    Hi Danett

    I also have tremors. It started in my hands a couple of years ago. Now, I wake up with tremors in my entire body with some dizziness. I had two MRI's done to rule out MS. One showed lesions which I thought I had MS, but did another one and showed nothing. So the doctor's are saying that it is a part of FM. Mine just keep getting worse. People use to as me why my hands were shaking, and I had no idea. I didn't think that it was a part of FM, but apparently it is. To be honest, I don't think they really know. You just have to keep an eye on yourself and see if they progessively get worse. Have you had any testing for MS? If not, maybe you should to put your mind at ease. Take Care! Owlbird
  9. Manwithfibro

    Manwithfibro New Member

    I have had it where I cannot walk downstairs without having legs become wobbly. Convinced that this junk is in our Central Nervous System...

  10. MiahRoo

    MiahRoo New Member

    I'm surprised so many have this. It's one of those little side symptoms that I always seem to think are just me. It comes on and off. It's one of my lesser symptoms that doesn't happen constantly. But I do go down the stairs sometimes and my knees wobble so bad I have to hang on to the railing and the wall for dear life. My hands sometimes shake like I'm a herion addict (my friends when I was around 17-18 used to tease me about it all the time) Even my back has these odd tremors sometimes where when I bend over I feel my spine 'shake' I guess is the best adjective. My head/neck does it once in a while.

    Does anybody ever have teeth chattering? I sometimes have these horrible shaking fits as though my body were freezing cold and my teeth chatter while I shake. But I don't feel cold. Doctors can't figure that one out. I have a heart condition called Neurocardiogenic Syncope and it seems I faint (which is part of the heart condition) when I do the shaking teeth chattering thing more often than not. hrmmmm.
  11. Danett

    Danett New Member

    I get the teeth chattering thing also, but I was embarassed to mention it. When I lay down at night if I barely place my teeth together, they start chattering! It's very weird.

    I have had the MS tests, but I've also read that it sometimes takes a while for the lesions to show up on a MRI. I just decided to wait and see and have another MRI in the future if I feel like I "need" it.

    I've read a lot about both FMS and MS and I must say that I fit in both criteria so it's kind of scary. You can have both!

    They are so similar; sometimes I think they are the same!
    but that's MHO.

    Thanks for the support!
  12. marcus1243

    marcus1243 New Member

    It's an on-and-off symptom and seems to improve markedly when I cut out sugar -- you might want to try that. It also gets worse after exertion. This is fairly normal in healthy people too, it's just that their muscles will tolerate far greater levels of exertion before the tremors manifest themselves (eg. after a free weights session down the gym).
    Please don't any of you go dx'ing yourselves with MS on the basis of information you read on the net -- you'll just worry yourselves stupid and you'll probably be wrong. MS can be difficult to spot early on, but usually it isn't, because it has typical patterns of presentation. If none of your doctors have pointed you in that direction, you more than likely 'just' have fibro, with all the nasty (but NON-PROGRESSIVE) neuro symptoms that come with it.
    Good luck,