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  1. I have been having some problems with tremors aand I cant figure out if its from nerves or illness,I get stressed out and feel sick and start shaking so bad.I hate to always need to leave early at work but sometimes I just feel so sick.I know I am letting everyone down but have no way too control it.I Serve at a restaurant so its easy to get too the point of being stressed and also easy to get cut early but really getting scared I am loosing my position by my behavior.Its not much of position but I do all the training and boss really wants me to go to a higher position. Just wanted to vent a little about this illness and How its affecting my life. Ruthie
  2. I have been sick since october 2005 I have had a few times when I thought something was wrong but couldn't say it was fibro,I have alot of experience since my hubby has had fibro for 6 years.The tremors started like 3 weeks ago.I was wondering about anxiety medicine ,Maybe like busbar,I ttake zoloft for depression and some pain medication but not alot.RUthie
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    I was just going to do a search on the message board on tremors when your message popped up. Yes, I have tremors. My hands shake. I am having my 2nd bad episode and didn't have this symptom last time.
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    Yes I do get them. Until I understood there were times I thought the room was moving or we were having and earthquake. Hands shake quite often and can't seem to coordinate my fingers.
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    I too have tremors. They have gotten much worse this year. So bad infact that at times I cannot even hold a glass and drink out of it.
    I am glad to know I am not alone though.

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    Could you be more specific regarding your tremors? Is it whole body? Just extremities? Hands? Or does it feel like the tremors are internal?

    My tremors feel like they are coming from my head/neck/jaw and then radiating into the trunk of my body. If I hold my hands out, you can't see the tremors but it feels like my whole body is 'shaky'. When my adrenal glands were first damaged (3 years ago, by taking thyroid medicine) I had head tremors so bad I looked like an advanced Parkinson's patient.

    My theory at the moment is that my tremors are tied into adrenal problems. I had an adrenal stress (ASI) test done (see my other postings) and the results will be back in about 2 weeks. What I DO know is that I have Adrenal Insufficiency as shown by my first ASI test in 5/2004, and that the tremors began when I started having adrenal problems. Many times adrenal problems also cause something called "insulin resistance", which I believe can also cause tremors (as well as hypoglycemic symptoms). However, most of it ties right back to the adrenal glands.

    The other thing that I DO know is that when your adrenal glands are not functioning properly you simply do not have the adrenal reserves to deal with stress. Because I do not produce enough chemicals like cortisol just the simplest stress thought or event precipitates tremors (more like whole body trembling) for me.

    Which is not to say that this is your problem, but just some input on a possible cause.

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    I have some jerking of body movements. I was diagnosed as having 'involuntary movements'. (Nice dx, huh?: as if I didn't already know that).

    Anyway, the Klonopin was upped. Now I get them but not as often. A neurologist prescribes for me.

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    Have had the tremors( or shakes,which I call them) for awhile now.It's hard sometimes holding my utensils to eat.Or a pen to write letters ( i now use the computer to write my letters,or they wouldnt be able to read them)
    Could ne anxiety or this DD. Another link in the chain.
    Take Care!!