Trials make us stronger in the Lord

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    Yesterday I got to thinking (ok we are on dangerous ground now):p (just kidding)

    I got to talking to a non-Christian friend of mine, who feels bad that we are going through trials, and sees what's going on in the world, economy etc, as a war between good and evil, this is true, but it is also becoming a war and more so after the rapture of also evil vs evil too. But before I go off on my tangent into a whole nother thought and probably a post (see my specialty is to ramble....if you haven't noticed that about me already)..... is that people wonder how we as Christians can face problems, not just what I'm going through but others on this board, I could probably spend much time in respondint to posts here......

    I'm not one who can quote scripture word for word, but I can give general terms of what the Bible says, and relate it to my life, (I'll share my testimony in another post).... but back to the subject at hand.....

    Even when things get bleak, all we need to do is Call on the Lord....for He answers prayer, and no not always in the way we like our in our timing, but He answers....

    People ask me how I have made it 5 months surviving on my husbands 1100 unemployment insurance, My answer is by the Grace of God, granted we have had friends help us out with some very important bills (car and mortgage), but I can always answer in truth that even though we are going through a rough time, I know where my future lies, I know my destiny, and through all our trial, and no they aren't easy we become stronger Christians.

    God will heal us all of our afflictions, and I may never have hair until the glorious appearing (that's part of my testimony too), but I know God gave me my life, and it's problems to use for the Glory of His Kingdom. Even if we blunder (I have many times), we can take those mistakes and use them to further the Kingdom of Christ. Praise God if we repent of our sins we are forgiven. (Christians aren't perfect, Just forgiven)

    If one thing in the past 6 months that I have learned more than anything is that I will not be ashamed to speak for my Lord and Savior. I will not be afraid to tell people my beliefs, for if they are not a Christian, if nothing else I hope to plant the seed.

    Everything we go through we go through for a reason, and yes, even when things like our health get us down, or finances, or anything that can, could, and would happen, rest assured that you can call on Jesus for Help.

    Every day I have to take my past to the Cross and leave it there, I know there will come a day when I take my problems and leave it there for good. For I know Jesus died for my sins, and to take our burdens away.

    I have a friend of mine that thinks people can give "lip service" to the prayer of salvation, that they will go to heaven even if they don't mean the prayer. My answer to him was the Lord knows our hearts when we pray the prayer of salvation....

    So when you are going through a rough time my friends, remember that God will never give us more than we can handle....and that when we think we are alone, is when He carries us through the storm.......and you will come out stronger as a person and in your faith....

    God be with y'all
    In the Name of Jesus Christ
    Your friend

    PS I hope my ramblings made sense....(I think they made sense to me)

    My non -christian friends and even I thought for some time that God was allowing me to go through rough spots just to see me and others suffer. Friends of mine compare me to Job, ok, some of the things I have been through in the past 5 years I could consider that God allowed Satan a time of control in my life, just to bring me closer to Him. I didn't see it at the time
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    I concur for the most part. I believe the God of this realm knows what we are capable of it is we that must learn what we are capable of enduring. We were spirits before we came to earth and the veil of forgetfulness covered us.

    This was the leap of faith we took and this is our test. Jesus gave us all we need to know to receive a glory; Peter describes the various glories as to the sun, moon and the many, many stars. Of course there would be levels of glory.

    I too have a testimony of the truthfulness of the teachings of Jesus and without Him to lead and the Holy Spirit to teach and comfort, there would be no point.

    I ramble too so don't feel bad.

    Quickly, one Sunday we had a sub for doctrine class. He is afantastic teacher, leader ect. but had recently been in the hospital with a mysterious illness which mimicked Legionairres. Well, he said he reached a point in which he feared Satan could overcome him as his fever went on and on and he was losing strength...he prayed for the Holy Ghost to protect him while he was ill.

    Well, that was some years ago but this past six months have been a trip and I have some serious stuff ahead. That lesson came back to me and I have been able to allow myself to rest knowing I am protected.

    Anyway, I enjoyed reading your thoughts. These are sacred beliefs as are all righteous beliefs no matter what they may be called; just as evil is evil, no matter what they try to call it. Love CactusLil'