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    - TRIALS -

    No matter what trials come our way,
    God will see us through each day.
    If only we'll put our trust in Him,
    The light of His love will never dim.

    Don't ever think that He's forgotten you.
    It's just, sometimes, we need a test or two.
    For, we'll never be able to help our brother
    If we're not tested, one way or another.

    Never ask the Lord for an easy road,
    But only for strength to carry your load.
    For, through your sorrows, you will find
    The Lord is with you. He's loving and kind.

    And, when your trials have all gone away,
    'I've been there, too,' is what you can say.
    For, there'll be times when someone you meet
    Will praise God to walk in the steps of your feet.

    © 2002 by Claytia Doran