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  1. SerenityPheonix

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    Halloween is upon us soon. OOOooo

    What is everyone doing for Halloween this year? Handing out candy to all the little ghosts and goblins maybe? Dressing up and going to a costume party? Maybe you would rather turn out the lights and be over it.

    I happen to be the third option...I'd rather be over it, but I do have a supply of goodies in case they come. They havent knocked at my door in 6 or 7 years though. Neighborhood is not the best anymore and parents take their kids to safe events or the wealthy neighborhoods.

    So, do tell...whats your plans?
  2. SerenityPheonix

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    Up until about 10 years ago, i too dressed for the bar contest. Then i went clean and sober so no more bar fun for me. I recall one year i won as pippy longstocking...but the red devil vixen the folowong year got more attention. So what were you last year that tied for first? Sounds like a lot of safe and enjoy the night.
  3. SerenityPheonix

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    My children are grown and living their own lives now...except my 17 year old daughter still here at home. Unfortunately I am being denied the pleasure of my 3 grand kids. 2 live 3000 miles away but 1 is right here just miles from me. The mom doesnt like me and has my son whipped you could I've never even met the grandaughter. The first girl born to the family since my 17 year old. Shes about 3 or 4 months old now..I'm not even sure.

    My neighbor is familiar with the whole drama of my own grandbaby and is expecting on the 29th. She is allowing me the pleasure of being grandma to hers, might even get to be in the delivery room to take pics. How cool is that?

    I do remember the fun it was doing the dress ups for my kids when they were little though.
  4. boltchick

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    Well, I can't help but have fun on Halloween, it's my son's birthday! :) I always enjoyed it as kid also.

    Sorry you aren't able to be around your grandkids (I hope that changes for you), and I sure do hope that you get to take delivery room pics for your neighbor, how fun! Since she is letting you be Grandma, maybe you will be accompanying the new little one on Halloween trick or treating trips in the future. :)

    We get a lot of kids coming around and I take my kids out in the neighborhood also. We usually have a Halloween-themed bday for my son and the kids come over dressed up. This year will be a little different. I am taking him to an indoor rock climbing place during the day with his friends, (the kids have school off on Halloween this year for a staff day), and then trick or treating with his sister and some friends in the evening.

    I hope you end up having a fun Halloween with a beautiful new baby in the neighborhood. Kim :)
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  5. fibromickster

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    Well, my plans are to come to work and everyone is bringing in food for our halloween party here. Some dress up, I used to, but not anymore. We usually have games and it is a pretty good time.

    Our boss lets us off early so we can be home before dark. I will then give out lots of candy to all the cute little kiddos.

    When my kids were younger, it was so much fun. I would make Chili and hot dogs and the cousins would come over to go trick or treating with us. I sure miss those days. Now my kids are 15 and 18 and way too old for trick or treating. Wish I could rewind the clock.

    Happy Halloween!!!!!!!
  6. victoria

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    I am looking forward to seeing what goes on here for Noche de los Muertes... this area is supposed to be really something to see in particular for that festival. It does go on all week, many tourists from all over the world are coming here and elsewhere in Mexico.

    Families decorate the cemeteries and family plots etc, bring favorite foods etc of their relatives and arrange it carefully complete with pictures, relate stories to the younger members etc... from the photos I've seen, the cemeteries are all lit up by candles and decorated with many many flowers, especially marigolds which are blooming wild right now all over. It's really a neat tradition imho.

    It's interesting, the stores have small Halloween costume sections & plastic pumpkins that may be used for trick or treating somewhere here, but obviously it is not a big thing... I have also seen large gourds that are painted with jack o'lantern faces that are really fun to see all together by the roadside! I guess that's true globalization!

    On another note... I have been seeing Christmas decorations in the stores since the 3rd week of August!

  7. EttaUK

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    but I'll be away for it this year and with my mum who isn't into it! But I am seeing my little nieces a few days before and they said they'll try and show me their costumes - one is a witch and one's going as a pumpkin. They're twins.

    The funny thing is they're only five but they're having to wear costumes for size 8-10 years because they find them itchy and have to wear stuff underneath!

    I hope people won't come to my house while I'm away and think I'm just not answering. There used to be a thing on our road where if you did that people hang toilet paper in the trees outside the house...or worse!!

    Anyway...happy halloween..
  8. AnneTheresa

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    Sweetie and I plan to attend a small house party, dressed as Mortitia and Gomaz Addams.

    Halloween is our anniversary - this year marks 20 years together - so next week we're going away for a few days to celebrate. We plan to stay in a nice hotel and see a stage production of A Chorus Line.

    We'll be home on Halloween night to attend to the door, but I don't expect many trick-or-treaters. Last year, we only had 2 or 3 kids. At our previous house (a neighbourhood with lots of young families), we used to have a steady stream of kiddies, typically 50 or more would show up at the door each year - that was great fun!

    I just love Halloween!

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa