Tried an experiment yesterday -- Homemaking & Christmas tasks

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    I read the thread on POTS Syndrome (POTS) yesterday with great interest. It seems the longer I stand, the faster my heart races. I get very tired just standing to do homemaking tasks. No wonder! Standing when you have POTS is like running in place.

    Just like everyone, I have a lot to get done for Christmas. But if I push myself too hard, I might crash. The calcium pyruvate and other supplements are still helping with energy and pain control quite a bit, but it seems once the outdoor temperature dropped below freezing, my body responded negatively with more fatigue and pain. Plus I have a mild cold.

    However, yesterday I was feeling pretty good (after an 800mg ibuprofin) so decided to try an experiment:

    15 minutes up/15 minutes. Fifteen minutes of standing/physical housework, fifteen minutes of "sitting down" work, like making out Christmas cards or straightening a cupboard.

    Fifteen minutes "up," and my heart was racing, pulse over 110. But during my fifteen minutes "down," I elevated my feet on another chair while I was sitting down to do an at-the-table task. I was able to bring my pulse down quite a bit in just fifteen minutes. (A little deep breathing helped, too.)

    By doing this through most of the day, I found that I had more energy for the physical stuff than usual. Not sure why this worked, though, anyone with medical knowledge have any idea? I plan to try it again today.

    In the end, I found that twenty minutes "up," twenty minutes "down," worked best for me. Fifteen minutes is just not enough time to complete a task. I didn't land in bed for a rest or a nap all day :). Now I'm much less panicked about these last few things to finish before Christmas.

    Hope this info might help someone else :)!

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    I two have fast heart rate when standing up, have for years, and it is especially bad right now because I am going through a flare. I am also trying to treat my yeast problem. Are you on any medication for this? The only thing I take is 12.5 mg of Toprol XL. I originally was taking this for hyperthyroidism, but found it helped this as well.

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    POTS syndrome. You can find it on Google.