Tried ER for pain med's

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rockcity1, Jul 18, 2003.

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    Ok I have been to ER for pain they to think your their to get drugs. For a buzz!! I would give up my right arm to rid myself of this pain. Every day of my life. I know people with FM on a morfin patch and some that take oxicotin. I cant get nothing what up with it. Do I just look to happy.Last week I told my doc nothing was working so I went off all the medications he had me on. He acked like a jerk and said my pain could never compair to the pain he's been in before.I as crying told him I cant stand this anymore and guess what? I still got nothing.
  2. dolsgirl

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    are not the place to go for pain medication. They don't know your history & are very reluctant to say the least to give an RX. They might give you a shot of Demerol, but that would probably be it.

    I'd get a different doctor. dolsgirl
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    w/ER, intil I was dx'd finally w/this DD. I was there last week , on my rheummy's referral. That was the first time they were so helpful to me. THe Doc came in and asked me what kind of shot do you want, and then said what meds will help you at home. I made sure they knew about my condition and the Dr. referral. As far as long term meds that is a process that I am trying to get as well. He referred me to a pain clinic next week. I find that the more I inform people about this DD the more understanding they are, unless they are complete idiots which I have had my share of them.. Try to get help and dont give up... this cr** is such a process. God Bless, I hope you feel better soon, Iggy