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    to make a long story short--im a supplement junkie--but not cured. i have tried many things to get well---i have been having worsening of sleep problems and huge dark cirlcles from non restorative sleep....anyhow--on my fb page this ad for a product called mitosynergy kept coming up---and the testimonials intrigued me--but i just didnt want to spend anymore money on anything at this time....and i have exhausted much of my funds on other areas of treatment.....anyhow--on a wim i decided to give it a try.....well i took 4 pills and was nervous and kept going and going and going--even though i still have periods of breathlessness and some of my ocd has been aggravated....and my sleep even more aggravated--but i believe these pills have been helping my energy like none other,.....not trying to promote anything ....the maker of the product --even stated they may study it to make a drug==it works on the mitochondria, when i looked on the label the ingredients seemed uneventful to me--but i decided to try it anyhow.....i now seem to need these pills to function at all....??????
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    Glad you found something that helps! Thanks for the tip!
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    Just went to the website. Seems the "proprietary formula" in this product helps the body to absorb copper which is in the product. Evidently, those who benefit are deficient in this trace mineral or their bodies cannot absorb it.

    Further looking around on the web turned up warnings that any kind of supplementing with copper should only be done under a doc's supervision because too much copper can be toxic and damage the liver.

    I'm glad this is helping but I think we really need to let our docs know what supplements we take. Good luck and thanks for sharing with us. Let us know how it is going after you have been taking this for a while.

    Love, Mikie[This Message was Edited on 12/28/2011]
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    The product also contains ingredients that help with methylation, in a nanofied formula. I am still taking it--but at a lesser dosage--I believe it is helping with the energy. I too was concerned about the copper. I was also told some time ago--that i had heavy metal copper--in my system at a high levels. I really dont run too many questions about vitamins and supplements to physicians--as i get laughs,jeers,snarls and the whole gamut of highly ignorant comments about the importace of the. but maybe i will try and get them to test the copper levels.
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    Most docs are not trained in alternative treatments and supps. Still, I make sure my doc has a list of everything I take in case of emergency when it would be important to know before starting treatment. I carry my list in my wallet, along with my living will and emergency contact info.

    Love, Mikie