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    I took my shower this morning and almost was unable to get back to the couch to rest! So after an hour I thought I just MAY be able to sweep the floor.(The rest gave me a false illusion of normalcy). So as I was putting on my shoes, I realized that it was an extreme effort just to get the first sock on. What was I thinking!!??? Sweep the house???? Ok, so I finished donning my shoes and took another rest. An hour later, I was able to get the broom and begin my task. I did finally get the floor swept, but you know what??? I could not put the broom back ni it's place! I am sitting here right now looking at it leaned against the corner. I hate this! I AM ONLY 43 YEARS OLD!!! I SHOULD NOT BE THIS WAY!
    Much later, I decided that I was going to repot one of my plants, I managed to get that done but was not able to clean up my mess. Sorry....just having a hard time dealing with this.
  2. Kathleen12

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    Don't you get tired of everyone having to clean up after you? I know they are tired of picking up the messes that I have created. I don't mean to complain....I've just never had anyone to bounce all this off of.
    Thank you.
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    That was so hilarious! I had read it earlier and made my husband read it....he actually chuckeled a little. ( he NEVER shows emotion except anger). Thank you for posting that one. I'd like to copy it if you dont mind.
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    Wants me to hire a cleaning service, but that would just be too embarrassing to me, because I just don't "look sick". I don't want anyone thinking that I'm spoiled and lazy. I may have to look into it soon though. good suggestion.
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    You remind me of the post that asked who had accepted their illness.... lol I can gues what you said or would have said.

    I'm only now coming to that point after eleven years and currently in the worst flare of all time. I'd love to hire a cleaning service but I couldn't stand the noise and disruption right now. I'm also thinking of advertising for a Personal Assistant. Probably not affordable but I worry myself worse about how I'm going to get things done by myself.

    Enough about me. Don't be stubborn like I've been and make yourself worse. Quit shoulding on yourself and get some help.

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    I hear you sister, I am going through the same thing right now

    Can't get anything done. I weeded for all of 10 minutes last night, and that was enough for me!

    I am having a hard time dealing with this too. Very sad and crying alot :(
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    For those of you who need help staying focused and guidelines for manageable steps to keep you house from collapsing around you I'd recommend a website called I heard about it from members of this board -- thank you! -- and it has been a godsend.

    The site's a little wordy and it took a while for me to find the things that were helpful, but by checking out "baby steps," "kelly's missions" and looking at the weekly focus my house is staying in passable condition and the result has done wonders for my self esteem.

    I chose not to receive the site's daily e-mails because it turned out there was more there than I cared to read, but I do check the site daily -- even weekly would help -- and make note of the weekly focus area. I don't accomplish everything they recommend, and don't even try to, but I'm making progress in decluttering, having quick morning and evening set routines and loving the results.