Tried to juice fast again didn't make it long

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    Well, due to stomach problems, gut ecology just beign plain sick i got fired up from reading juicefasting site about portugal clinic (if i had bucks would go) where they use juice fasting, clystmatic cleansing machine helps restore proper bowel function vs. just enemas

    so I juice for yesterday and today, then got so hungry ate some celery and almond nut butter, probably NOT the best way to break a fast?????????

    and 2 spponfuls of blue berries (fresh)

    No wonder i'm at l25 and 42 lbs. underwght. everythign i eat seems to make the sensory dysethias worse as dr. cheney calls them or i say sandpaper dry dry fire ant like biting tingling burning in mouth throat and feather like dry dry tickling in bronchials,

    My thought was if i could just detox (juice fast long enough) i will get rid of toxins in this cfs body,

    never works, i end up breaking fast improperly or binging at least i didn't binge this time on bananas nuts, ice cream or whatever like an animal going for what it wants,

    I get so discouraged and cry and depressed cause nothign seeems to fit in CFIDS and I READ this Holistic sites about fasting for 2 wks. and think maybe if I could stand nixing ALL DRUGS and endure a 2 wk. fast i would be a lot lot better, but i am so hungry it never works,

    so i get down and cry and depressed, and feel would this work IF i could do it, but it's so much stress on me,

    DOES a person at my wght. need to juice fast?
    DO YOU all think juice fasting like some of this holistic people /places advocate will make PWC"s (persons with CFIDS) well?

    PLEASE GIVE ME SOME feedback

    THanks much Paul mark
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    I am so sorry to hear how you are still suffering, I have some suggestions you may like to try.
    Are you drinking water with unrefined Sea Salt? You need at least a 1/4 tsp a day, I add mine to my 2 ltr water bottle which I make up from the tap every day, I also add extra to my food and pick at throughout the day, it`s impossible to overdose on this type of salt.

    To detox you need to give the body the tools to do this with. I also think you are deficient in the essential elements.

    My top items daily are:-

    6 - 8 glasses of water if poss
    1/4 - 1/2 tsp Sea/Rock Salt
    1 tbsp Flaxseed Oil twice daily with food
    Herbal Teas:- Green & Antidioxant Teas with a tsp of honey
    Cellfood Concentrate:- Oxygen & Detox. Been trying to get your attention on this for ages. You add 8 drops to mineral water 3 times a day. Improves energy levels.
    Cellfood Multivitamins:- Again you add drops to mineral water.

    Tap Cellfood into a search engine and you`ll be able to read up more on it there, it sounds the perfect solution for you as this method is so much easier.

    Please let me know what you think.

    Love Pat.
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