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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Leah2003, Apr 8, 2003.

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    I was wondering if anyone else has had trigger finger / thumb. Is it a symptom of Fibro? I have been dx'd with Fibro. My knees lock up on me too. I am pretty new to Fibro, and I am trying to learn all I can.

    Thanks in advance for any input,

    Lea *~*
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    ....who is 79 & in better health than me (she doesn't have FM) had this. For her it was part of carpal tunnel, which she had in both hands---can't remember if she had trigger finger in both hands or just one. Anyway, she had surgery to correct it (was successful).

    Good luck with this, hope you get more responses from others with this!

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    about hand's so I'm bumping them so they are closer togeather, see our comments there, so we don't have to Type again, lol, my hands are hurtn' but my brain still wants to talk. shoot. Yes I do have Trigger Finger.
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    I actually know 2 people who have had trigger finger. Both had very minor inpatient surgery and have been great ever since they had the surgery. Both of them do not have FIBRO. but this trigger thumb seems to hit woman in their mid-upper 50's. My friend had the surgery only with a local anesthetic. She said it was not bad at all and it has made her finger fine now. I have never heard of this and since my 2 friends have had it, I have heard more people having this condition. At least one thing, if you have to have the surgery, it is only minor.. GOOD LUCK...
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    Hey, Lea I will email you saw this yesterday and have searched today,you know how distaracted 1 can get on all these posts. I had my finger and thumb,operated on and released now it is the only 2 working.
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    I have both conditions. I asked my fibromyalgia doctor if the trigger finger is due to the fibromyalgia and he nodded. At the time it wasn't bothering me that much, but now it is. I won't be going back to him until July. I'll check with him again and see what he recommends.