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    For those who suffer from trigger finger:
    I have not had trigger finger for many years. Tow days ago, I woke up with a bad case of it in my right ring finger. In the past I have either had a cortisone shot to lower the swelling and restore the ability to bend the finger, or I have put up with it for months and waited for it to go away, since I hate cortisone.
    This was my first chance, since studying Naturopathic Medicine, to test the principles on trigger finger. I immediately started taking large spoonfuls of chopped, raw garlic, twice daily, and Pancreatin enzymes at the highest dose with each meal. Lo and behold, in only two days the swelling is 90% gone, the pain is all gone, and I can bend my finger about 80% of normal already.
    So, next time you get get trigger finger, before resorting to cortisone, try natural anti-inflammatories, and you may be pleasantly surprised!
    I was shocked, when reading about trigger finger on the Internet, to see that surgery was the most often recommended treatment. I think that should be a last resort.
    Hugs, KLutzo
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    hope you had some breath mints though! natural therapies really are the way to go i think - who needs more and more chemicals (medicines) pumped into them? good for you.

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    Actually, I just started the Guai Protocol this morning, so breath mints, or any other sort of mint for that matter, are OUT!
    I have been taking raw garlic almost daily (just one spoonful though) for many years to kill yeasts and help thin my blood, and have had my hubby check my breath many times. He says I don't have bad breath, so I'll take his word for it. In fact, I don't seem to ever have breath problems, while he has constant ones, no matter what he does, which he blames on a permanent wire behind his teeth to hold them in place after braces.
    As long as we're on the subject of natural treatments, fennel seeds or parsley from your spice rack are a great aide to breath problems.