trigger point inj to susan to be pain free

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    I have trigger point injections very infrequently only when absolutely necessary. The lidocaine helps and the systemic involvment is less than getting a cortisone shot into a knee etc. This is not something to be taken lightly. It was not my my intention to make it sound that way. My Rheumy has been researching Fibro for over 17 years is on the best docs list. we partner and make decisions together. I don't take most meds that fibro pts. are put on think about those side effects. I use mostly natural homeopathic treatments. But there is room for both conventenial and alternative. Used together they are complimentary. Treating fibro and cfs take a many approach treatment. But there are times when we must give in to using something we really don't want to put into our bodies. Must be used judiciously. and of course find the right health care givers is key. Ultimately we are our own Physicians. It is up to us to research question and inform our docs what we find. We must advocate for ourselves. I get acpuncture every 2 weeks that has been most effective.
    The last time I got trigger point inj. I was in such bad shape my doc told me I was like a compeuter i needed to be shut down and rebooted. It worked. We are respond differently what works for one does not for another.
    As we all have different degrees of pain fatigue and the many other symptoms that go with these conditions.
    I am a nurse and did not mean to mislead anyone about systemic involvement. Again read about the side effects of all the meds docs want to put us on.