Trigger Point Injections Anyone???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Renee, Mar 1, 2003.

  1. Renee

    Renee New Member

    I had my first experience with trigger point injections on Wednesday. My rheumatologist gave me two shots of Kenalog, one in my neck and the other in my shoulder. I'm having severe tension headaches. My muscles are in knots. Just wondering if anyone has good success with these. It hurt like ----. He also increased my Zanaflex to one pill at night and 1/2 pill during the day. He also put me on Ultracet for pain.
    This is the only place I can come and talk about my condition. No one understands me and what I am going through. I work full time (and more), have a senior in High School, and have a daughter getting married in July. Whew! I hope I have the energy to make it through it all.
    Thanks for listening.
  2. blast

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    Hi and welcome to a wonderful place!
    I myself have not had TP's, but some have said they help, others' have said no. It is all so individualized, this DD, so I hope u get some relief from it. I decided not to do it after doing research and found some information disturbing, but that is only my personal opinion.
    I am happy u have a (sound's like) caring physician. What type of doctor did the TP's? Also happy u can get the Ultracet and Zanaflex for your pain. I was on Ultram for 2 yrs., before having to switch to something more potent. I hope it gives you some relief!
    I have two children as well, 3, almost four, and 11, alomst 12 yr old. So, I can relate to all that. It can be exhausting and overwhelming at times cant it?
    I hope your high schooler can be of some help to u when u really need it. They say kids of diabled parents tend to grow up being more independant and more caring, so we have a few things going for us!
    Both of my kids have type 1 diabetes, so that takes a lot of time and effort, and my hubby is sick with kidney failure.
    I hope we get a chance to talk again!
  3. healing

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    There have been repeated discussions on this. Look in "Search Messages" at the top of this page for previous discussions.

    I have had these a number of times and found them helpful but they are very painful to get. There are lots of opinions about them, so read up.
  4. JannyW

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    I've had TPI's twice now, in different locations. Yes, they sting like hell when the meds go in, but they've helped me some. The effect usually lasts about 4-6 weeks for me.

    Jan ^v^
  5. Renee

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    I appreciate your responses. Sounds like they're mixed reviews. My rheumatologist did the injection. So far the only side effect is flushing of the face. I have had shots before for other things (plantar fascitus) and didn't have any effects. They helped tremendously.
    I have had a low immune system and worry about it making my immune system lower. I'm also trying to lose some weight and know that it can you gain weight. Just wondering the long-term effects - how long this will help?
  6. basket21

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    I have been getting these trigger point injections since July 1996. I see a semi-retired anaesthetist for the treatment of chronic pain. I see him every month - 6 weeks the latest. He gives an injection to help calm you first and so the injections themselves don't hurt as much. Of course there is pain as he has to find the points of pain first and then inject. I can honestly say after awhile you get used to them. I get injections in my face and one in my neck for my migraines. As of December l998 when we started the facial injections, I have had no migraines at all.I would get them every 2 weeks with lying in the dark hiding for 2-3 days. Not one yet!!
    I couldn't see him for 8 weeks last summer as I had a really bad rash on my back and lower so that put injections on hold till it went away. It was a combo heat rash etc. I couldn't get over how much worse I had become without his injections for that period of time.
    It's up to you but I highly recommend them. Hope you get some relief....basket21
  7. kerrymygirl

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    I had my first after 3rd car rear end whiplash. They keep my headaches under control. Better use of arms and neck when done right. I had 1 doc who just gave me a caine mixture, which I prefer. I have sooo may lumps help breaks them up for awhile. I`d rather have a caine than the harsh stuff. I get them in my neck head scapula etc. Just do not take a hot shower for 2 day`s incase they forget to tell you.Good Luck,it doe`s work for many I will take that pain compared to the rest I live with. Everyone finds what works for them.