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  1. leubie

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    het yall------its friday night ----ihane been having HORRIBBLE lower back pain for 2 days--------can barely walk------much less work--------still havind even though i have strong pain meds-------------------hate to think if i didnt have meds---------------doctor called me in new muscle relaxors(methocarbamol/robaxin)<p> -has anyone taken these????? results?????-<p>--------monday--------im supposed to have trigger point injections---------has anyone had these??????---good results?????? im nervous and scared<p>---------MOSTLY IN PAIN(only have had one pill-muscle relaxer)----<p> if yall feel up to it---------please let me know---------THANKS AND LOVE TO ALL---------LAURA
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    I've had trigger point injections 3x. It worked pretty well 2 out of the 3 times. It was important to carefully stretch after I got the shots (I went to my yoga classes) and that seemed to make the shots work a lot better. Good luck! I feel for you.

  3. Kayleen

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    Each month I get Novacaine shots wherever it hurts. They are wonderful! It just feels a little prickly when they do it and tender for a day or so relief!
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    Hi Laura:

    I've undergone trigger point injections - prednisone combined with novacaine. At the same time I was given injections of botox. The combination of both types of injections helped tremendously. The prednisone/novacaine soothed, and the botox kept the muscles from twisting so they could rest.

    I'm currently on guafenesin treatment which has helped a lot.

    Keep seeking. There's an answer for you.

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    I've had trigger point injections 4x's. The first couple times it was just with lidocaine. these worked at that time (but the shots are Painful to get, and your muscle will be sore for a day after from the shots) the last 2 times I've had the shots (I was in sooo much pain) that she gave me a corizone shot (not sure if it had the lidocaine too.) had 7 of them in/around shoulder area. Again, they are painful to get cause they are going right into the point where it hurts already. With these shots, there was some immediate releif, and then about the second/third day later, more relief. The first shots lasted for months. These last 2, not as long as that. If you are in that much pain, I would say look forward to something that may give you relief. I hope it works out for you. Good luck
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    hey yall------!!!!!!-thanks for replying to my post--------sorry it took so long for me to read--------i took the robaxin(the new muscle relaxors doc rx friday-p.m.)----last night and went right to sleep---------and i had to work from 9 to 7:30 today--------im soooooooo wiped out--------thank yall for taking the time for your kind words -----------and helpful info-----------in a way i do look foward to the injections--------hopefully they will bring SOME relief--------they cant hurt anymore than i do now!!!!!--------how are yall doing?--hopefully yall will have a pain-LESS week-end--------keep in touch---------LOVE TO ALL-----LAURA