Trigger Point Relief??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by paula45, Jul 13, 2003.

  1. paula45

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    I'm just wondering if anyone knows of a supplement or Rx that is helpful in reducing the pain of trigger points?? It seem like every trigger point in my body is active and "on fire". It's SO painful that I want to scream. I have a Theracane and have massaged them all I dare to for now so that I don't make them worse. Almost everywhere I touch I find painful knots. UGH! I'm really hating this DD lately. Trying hard to fight off the hopelessness of it all. Hot baths have only eased the pain when I'm in there and I don't feel like being a prune either. (Just another whole set of problems! *S*) Thanks for any input!
  2. Seagull

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    I do not think there is a supplement or med that can reduce the pain of these trigger points or knots -- I tried several under the supervision of my doctors and nothing helped me.

    The only relief I have gotten from these knots and trigger points is thru the massage therapy I get from a therapist who knows how to do the myofascial trigger point release. If you decide to try this, though, I cannot stress enough the need to interview the therapist first to make sure s/he understands what these knots and trigger points are and has been trained in doing this type of massage therapy properly. :)
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    Well,I was going to recommend what you are already doing, you must have "the book."

    Am watching this thread with you, good luck. June
  4. paula45

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    Thanks so much for your input. Maybe I just need to go back to PT and try that. My physical therapist was very good at finding trigger points and releasing them (while I held onto the table to keep from slapping him silly...OUCH). Is your massage painful?? I did get some relief. Haven't been in a long time. Maybe that's the problem. Thanks again.

    June--Thanks for your response. Appreciate it very much.

    Paula[This Message was Edited on 07/13/2003]
  5. endoangel

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    I have tried Lidocaine ointment on the spots for relief as well as Lidoderm Patches. I agree a good massage therapist who knows there stuff is great. I have tried that along with supplements such as glucosamine and magnesium. Magnesium is a strong pain reliever; it even stops hard labor. I have been on IV's of this for a few months and it helps... wish you luck
  6. zggygirl

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    I haven't done any research on trigger points (yet) But I wondered if ice would help (cold packs). It sure works on sore places. Contracts the blood vessels so all the junk in them is removed and then in replaced with "fresh" bood.
    Just a thought,
  7. DonnaSR

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    I found that Trigger Point Injections, while painful, help tremendously. The first day I put heat on the areas where my doctor does the injections. By day 3 the muscles are relaxed and the knots are gone. I am not able to afford massage therapy all the time, and the injections last longer. Hope this helps.

  8. Mrs. B

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    the same yesterday. I had my husband take a rolling pin over my entire body. It was VERY painful for about 1 min. and then I felt better I had him do it before bed also and today and feeling pretty good. Hope this helps.

  9. IntuneJune

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    How's it going?

    I have been reading Clair Davis's book but it is slow going because of my inability to read for very long. My PTs are going to overview the book. Because the book is based on Travel and Simon's work, I am sure they will give it good consideration.

    One of the therapists has been working on trigger points with myofascial release, the other has been doing myofascial release alone. Then together they perform some major whole body stretching. This brought the pain down that I could walk again. But I need to progress further and we are looking for other ideas.

    When they work on trigger points, it is difficult. I get cool in PT lying on the bench, even though they start off with hot packs (and before I walk through the doors, I exercise at the gym to deeply warm muscles). So, I bring a fleece blanket (not quite a full size) which over time has been nicknamed "blankie" but I don't care what they call it because when the PT gets working on trigger points, the blankie comes in handy. :)

    Fondly, June
  10. RedB

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    It seems to have helped minimize some of my triggerpoint pain. I can now rest my back on a chair, and that hasn't happened in 6 years! Start at low, low dose.

    And, for Intunejune:
    My PT puts a heating pad down on the bed and covers it with a small blanket. It keeps me pleasantly warm the entire time.